Tint Swe

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Tint Swe is a common Burmese name and may refer to:

Kyaw Tint Swe Burmese diplomat

Kyaw Tint Swe is a Burmese politician and incumbent Minister for the Office of the State Counsellor of Myanmar.

Tint Swe is a former Deputy Minister of Construction.

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Ba Swe was the second Premier of Burma. He was a leading Burmese politician during the decade after the country gained its independence from Britain in 1948. He held the position of prime minister from 12 June 1956 to 28 February 1957. When Ba Swe became prime minister, Time magazine reported the news in an article titled: 'The Day of the Tiger' based on his nickname 'Big Tiger' since his university days in the 1930s as a student leader.

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Brigadier General Aye Myint Kyu was the Minister of Culture of Myanmar (Burma) and a former deputy minister of Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. He successful organized the 27th SEA Games opening and closing ceremony as the chairman of the Preparation Committee for the opening and closing ceremony of the 27th SEA Games and showed the Myanmar Culture to the world.

Lt-Gen Chit Swe BC-6463 was a former Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, minister for Co-Operatives and minister for Livestock and Fisheries in Myanmar.

Myint Swe is a Burmese politician, currently serving as 3rd First Vice President of the Republic of Union of Myanmar (Burma). He previously served as Acting President of Myanmar after the resignation of President Htin Kyaw on 21 March 2018. He also served as Chief Minister of Yangon Region from 30 March 2011 to 30 March 2016. On 30 March 2016, he was sworn in as the Vice President of Myanmar. He is an ethnic Mon ex-military officer in Myanmar Army with the rank of Lieutenant general.

Hla Myint may also refer to:

Ministry of Information (Myanmar) government agency of Myanmar

The Ministry of Information in Myanmar informs the public about government policy plans and implementation and supports improvements to knowledge and education of the public.

Wai Lwin Burmese military officer

Wai Lwin was the Minister of Defence from September 2012 to 13 August 2015. He previously served as a military representatives of Yangon Region Hluttaw. He is the Central Executive Committee member of the Union Solidarity and Development Party.

Ministry of Border Affairs (Myanmar)

The Ministry of Border Affairs, former Ministry of Progress of Border Areas, National Races and Development Affairs is a ministry in the Government of Myanmar which is responsible for the development of border areas and national races. According to the Constitution of Myanmar, the Union Minister of Border Affairs is a member of National Defence and Security Council.

The Right Honourable U Kyaw Nyein was a Burmese politician.

Myint Swe is a Burmese name and may mean:

Swe is a Burmese name that may refer to

Tint may refer to the following people:

Hla Myint Swe may refer to:

Tint Swe is a Burmese physician and politician who served as Minister for Prime Minister’s Office of National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB). He also served as the Minister for Information in office from 23 January 2009 to 14 September 2012, and chairperson of the National League for Democracy-Liberated Area (India).

Ministry of the State Counsellor Office

The Office of the State Counsellor of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a new ministry-level body that serves the State Counsellor of Myanmar. The office is led by union minister Kyaw Tint Swe.

Kyaw Swe is a Burmese name and may mean: