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Tintamarre is a bilingual student theatre troupe that was founded at Mount Allison University by Alex Fancy.

The troupe has staged over fifty shows in Mount Allison's Windsor Theatre, located in Sackville, New Brunswick. Each year Tintamarre produces a bilingual collective, created through a process of guided improvisation. The troupe tours annually to junior and senior high schools throughout the Maritime provinces. Performances are followed by discussions with the audience.

The company aims to promote the acceptance of cultural and linguistic diversity and to encourage a better appreciation of the role that theatre can play in education.

Alex Fancy, a Professor of Drama at Mount Allison University, was a recipient of the New Brunswick Lieutenant Governor's Dialogue Award for his efforts to promote understanding and respect between the two official linguistic communities of the province through the theatre troupe. [1]


Tintamarre is a word of Acadian origin meaning clamour or din. This term is used to describe the arrival of thousands of migrating waterfowl to the greater Sackville area every year.

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