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Tiny Sandford
Stanley J Sandford, silent film actor (SAYRE 8316) (cropped).jpg
Sandford in 1922
Stanley J. Sandford

(1894-02-26)February 26, 1894
DiedOctober 29, 1961(1961-10-29) (aged 67)
Resting place Chapel of the Pines Crematory
Years active1916–1940
SpouseEdna Sandford (?–?)

Stanley J. "Tiny" Sandford (February 26, 1894 October 29, 1961) was an American actor who is best remembered for his roles in Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin films. His tall, burly physique usually led him to be cast as a comic heavy, and often played policemen, doormen, prizefighters, or bullies.



Sandford was born in Osage, Iowa, in 1894. After working in stock theater he began acting in movies around 1910. He appeared in The Gold Rush with Charlie Chaplin. Other Chaplin films that he appeared in include The Circus (1928) and Modern Times (1936), where he plays "Big Bill". His films with Laurel and Hardy include Big Business (1929), Double Whoopee (1929), The Chimp (1932), and Our Relations (1936). He appeared in The Warrior's Husband as a clumsy and cowardly Hercules. Sandford also acted in Way Out West , but his sequence was cut from the final take.

Sandford in A Shriek in the Night (1933) Tiny Sandford from A Shriek in the Night.gif
Sandford in A Shriek in the Night (1933)

He also appeared in dramas such as The World's Champion (1922) and The Iron Mask (1929). [1]

He retired from acting in 1940, the year he had a very small role in Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator . He died in Los Angeles, California on October 29, 1961.


1916 The Floorwalker Small RoleShort, Uncredited
1916 The Count GuestShort, Uncredited
1919 After His Own Heart Goliath
1922 The World's Champion Lord Brockington
1922 Don't Shoot Jim
1923 Breaking Into Society A Chiropractor
1924Waterfront WolvesHans Skol
1924 Paying the Limit Ole
1924 The Family Secret CopUncredited
1925 Confessions of a Queen Uncredited
1925 The Gold Rush BarmanUncredited
1925 California Straight Ahead CopUncredited
1925 Madame Behave Policeman
1925 The Perfect Clown CopUncredited
1927 Love My Dog P. Fulton, attorney at lawShort
1927 Paid to Love BartenderUncredited
1927 The Second Hundred Years Prison GuardShort
1927 Sailors, Beware! Man in robeShort, Uncredited
1927 Ginsberg the Great Hercules
1928 The Circus The Head Property Man
1928 Flying Elephants Hulking CavemanShort
1928 From Soup to Nuts Mr. CulpepperShort
1928 The Gate Crasher Stage Doorman
1929 The Iron Mask Porthos
1929 Big Business PolicemanUncredited
1929 The Far Call Captain Storkerson
1929 Double Whoopee PolicemanShort, Uncredited
1929 Rio Rita DavalosUncredited
1929 The Hoose-Gow WardenShort, Uncredited
1930 Blotto HeadwaiterShort, Uncredited
1930 Puttin' On the Ritz HecklerUncredited
1930 Below Zero PeteUncredited
1930 Doughboys RecruitUncredited
1930 The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case PolicemanUncredited
1930Noche de duendesAgente de uniformeUncredited
1931 Fighting Caravans Man at Wagon TrainUncredited
1931Los presidiariosGutiérrez - Prison GuardUncredited
1931 Pardon Us Shields - Prison Guard
1931 Come Clean DoormanShort, Uncredited
1931 The Hard Hombre Irate BrotherUncredited
1931 Beau Hunks Legion OfficerShort, Uncredited
1932 Polly of the Circus ChurchgoerUncredited
1932 Spirit of the West Ranch Cook
1932 This Is the Night PorterUncredited
1932 The Silver Lining Court BailiffUncredited
1932 The Chimp DestructoShort, Uncredited
1932 Week-End Marriage Big Man in Theatre LineUncredited
1932 The Purchase Price Sam Perkins - Man at ShivareeUncredited
1932 The Thirteenth Guest Mike - JailerUncredited
1932 Fighting for Justice Man at DanceUncredited
1932 Washington Merry-Go-Round WorkerUncredited
1932 The Girl from Calgary PolicemanUncredited
1932 Prosperity Irate MotoristUncredited
1933 Diamond Trail Mullins' GunmanUncredited
1933 The Warrior's Husband Hercules
1933 The Devil's Brother Big WoodchopperUncredited
1933 A Shriek in the Night Eddie a detectiveUncredited
1933 Rainbow Ranch Brawler at dance
1933 Busy Bodies Shop ForemanShort, Uncredited
1933 Queen Christina Cook at the InnUncredited
1934 I Can't Escape Georgian Club DoormanUncredited
1934 Babes in Toyland DunkerUncredited
1934 Here Comes the Band ComedianUncredited
1935 Fighting Youth Truck DriverUncredited
1935 Remember Last Night? Truck DriverUncredited
1935 Ship Cafe StokerUncredited
1935 Suicide Squad PolicemanUncredited
1936 Modern Times Big Bill
1936 Sutter's Gold San Francisco TroublemakerUncredited
1936 Show Boat Zebe - BackwoodsmanUncredited
1936 Our Relations Tony - Grubby Wharf ToughUncredited
1936 Mummy's Boys Construction ForemanUncredited
1937 The Road Back DoorkeeperUncredited
1937 Blossoms on Broadway WorkmanUncredited
1938 The Devil's Party Cigarette Club DoormanUncredited
1940 Florian Laundry ForemanUncredited
1940 The Great Dictator a comrade soldier in 1918Uncredited


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