Tiny Times

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Tiny Times
Directed by Guo Jingming
Written byGuo Jingming
Screenplay byGuo Jingming
Based onTiny Times 1.0
by Guo Jingming
Produced byLi Li
An Xiaofen
Adam Tsuei
Zhou Qiang
Angie Chai
Starring Yang Mi
Kai Ko
Amber Kuo
Rhydian Vaughan
Bea Hayden
Evonne Hsieh
Cheney Chen
Li Yueming
Jiang Chao
CinematographyRandy Che [1]
Edited byGu Xiaoyun
Music byHou Zhijian
He Li Chen Guang Media
Star Ritz Prods.
H&R Century Pictures
Beijing Forbidden City Film
Le Vision Pictures (Tianjin)
Le Vision Pictures
Shenzhen Desen Intl. Media
Amazing Film Studio
Comic Ritz Film & TV Culture
Mission Media Investment
Distributed byChina Film Group Cooperation (China)
Dasheng International Media (China)
Le Vision Pictures Co. (China)
Release date
  • June 27, 2013 (2013-06-27)
Running time
115 minutes [2]
CountryChina [3]
Budget¥45 million (estimated) [1]
Box office¥484 million
(US$79.7 million) [4]

Tiny Times (Chinese :小时代), also known as Tiny Times 1.0 [1] is the first installment of the film series written and directed by Guo Jingming and based on the best-selling novel of the same name also by Guo. [3]



The four young women are classmates in high school and roommates in college. On campus, they start their internships and cope with a series of romantic affairs. After graduation, they continue their correspondence, suffused with misunderstanding and jealousy. However, they have all changed significantly.

After graduation, Lin Xiao settles into her job as an editorial assistant at a fashion magazine and acclimating herself to the glamorous, high-octane world of haute couture. She meets her demanding and cold boss, Gong Ming, whose melancholic persona is described by Lin Xiao as “a distant, lonely planet in the universe”. Her work puts her relationship with her high school sweet heart, Jian Xi in peril.

Meanwhile, Gu Li faces struggle in her relationship with Gu Yuan at the intervention of his mother, who seeks to marry him off to an even wealthier family. Nan Xiang paints to support her fashion design studies, while at the same time struggle with her on-and-off relationship with abusive boyfriend Xi Cheng. Wan Ru worries that her aspirations in life are never really made certain, and the fact that she might not get a boyfriend.


Release and reception

Box office

The film grossed US$79.7 million at the Chinese box office. [4]


List of awards and nominations
China Movie Channel Media Awards [5] Best FeatureWon (tied)
Best New DirectorGuo JingmingWon
9th Chinese American Film Festival Golden Angel Award: Best FeatureWon

Original soundtrack

Song CategorySong NameSingerNotes
Theme song我好想你 Sodagreen
Ending theme song回聲樂團Echo
Soundtrack時間煮雨 Yisa Yu
殘忍的纏綿Liu Xin
萬物無邪 Cheney Chen
Fu Mengni
熱雪 Vision Wei
Are you with meGao Kaiwei
Go Julia Wu
Love Come Undone
Auld Lang Syne
Roller CoasterTerence
Everybody Feel Like Dancing
微光 Sodagreen

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