Tiny Times 4

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Tiny Times 4
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Directed by Guo Jingming
Written byGuo Jingming
Starring Yang Mi
Amber Kuo
Cheney Chen
Bea Hayden
Evonne Hsieh
CinematographyRandy Che
Release date
  • July 9, 2015 (2015-07-09)
Running time
116 minutes
Box officeUS$77.8 million [1]

Tiny Times 4 (Chinese :小时代4:灵魂尽头) is a 2015 Chinese romantic drama film and the fourth installment of the Tiny Times franchise directed and written by Guo Jingming. Originally scheduled for release in February 2015; it was delayed to July 2015. [2] [3]


Kai Ko's scenes were edited out from the film due to his drug use in September 2014. [4]


Gu Li finds herself at a loss due to the heavy amount of debts let behind by her father. At the same time, she finds herself struck with cancer. Too proud to admit her struggle to anyone, Gu Li sets off a chain of self-destructive events, leading her to become estranged from her best friends and ultimately her boyfriend, Gu Yuan.

Meanwhile, Lin Xiao becomes engaged with the mysterious Lu Shao. Unhappy with this, Gong Xun orders her to be sacked, which in turn causes a scuffle between him and a protesting Lu Shao. Gong Xun falls into a coma, and the traumatized Lu Shao dumps Lin Xiao.

Nan Xiang, who gets a job at M.E Magazine thanks to Lin Xiao's connections, quickly reveal her true colors as she climbs the corporate ladder thanks to her new-found relationship with Lin Xiao's boss, Gong Ming.

Wan Ru, who has been disfigured due to a fight between her friends, distanced herself from the group as she struggles to heal from both the physical and emotional scar.



Box office

The film made an estimated US$36 million in its opening weekend in China, coming in second place at the Chinese box office behind Forever Young and fourth internationally behind Minions , Terminator Genisys and Forever Young. [5]

Critical reception

Derek Elley of Film Business Asia gave the film a 7 out of 10, calling it "a satisfying conclusion to the BFF/fashionista saga that's even, surprisingly, touching." [6]

Box office

The film grossed RMB111 million (US$17.8 million) on the opening day including midnight release of RMB6.85 million (US$1.10 million) with total gross US$77.8 million. [7] [8]

Original soundtrack

Song CategorySong NameSingerNotes
Theme song灵魂尽头 A-mei
Ending theme song岁月缝花 Cheney Chen
Soundtrack时间煮雨 Kris Wu, Yisa Yu Two versions.
不再见 Cheney Chen
友谊地久天长TINGTING, Li Ruoxi
Where Did Our Love GoHuang Jin
For You I StayChristina O'connor
Baby GirlJustine Haxley
Find My Way Back Home
As I Dream Alone in TwilightZhang Jueping
爱不离Li Ruoxi
I'll Carry On

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