Tipaza Province

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Tipaza Province
ولاية تيبازة
Ville de Tipaza.jpg
City of Tipaza
DZ-42 (2019).svg
Map of Algeria highlighting Tipaza
Coordinates: 36°35′N2°26′E / 36.583°N 2.433°E / 36.583; 2.433 Coordinates: 36°35′N2°26′E / 36.583°N 2.433°E / 36.583; 2.433
Country Flag of Algeria.svg  Algeria
Capital Tipaza
  Total2,166 km2 (836 sq mi)
 (2008) [1]
  Density290/km2 (740/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+01 (CET)
Area Code +213 (0) 24
ISO 3166 code DZ-42
Districts 10
Municipalities 28

Tipaza or Tipasa (Arabic : ولاية تيبازة, Tibaza, older Tefessedt) is a province ( wilaya ) on the coast of Algeria, Its capital is Tipaza, 50 km west of the capital of Algeria.



The province was created from Blida Province in 1984.

Administrative divisions

The province is divided into 10 districts ( daïras ), which are further divided into 28 communes or municipalities.



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Sidi Ghiles Formerly Novi during the French colonization, is a town on Algeria's Mediterranean coast. The municipality of Novi is located about 32 kilometers (20 mi) west of Tipasa and 7 kilometers (4 mi) southwest of Cherchell. This agricultural locality is a hundred kilometers (62 mi) distant of Algiers.


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