Tipitski Lakes

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Coordinates: 41°43′34″N23°27′26″E / 41.72611°N 23.45722°E / 41.72611; 23.45722

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A view of the Tipits Lakes. Tipicki ezera IMG 0103.jpg
A view of the Tipits Lakes.

The Tipits Lakes (Bulgarian : Типицки езера) are two lakes that are located in the Tipits cirque of the Northern Pirin mountains of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian language South Slavic language

Bulgarian, is an Indo-European language and a member of the Southern branch of the Slavic language family.

Cirque An amphitheatre-like valley formed by glacial erosion

A cirque is an amphitheatre-like valley formed by glacial erosion. Alternative names for this landform are corrie and cwm. A cirque may also be a similarly shaped landform arising from fluvial erosion.

Pirin mountain range

The Pirin Mountain is a mountain range in southwestern Bulgaria, with Vihren at an altitude of 2,914 m being the highest peak. One hypothesis is the mountain was named after Perun, the highest god of the Slavic pantheon and the god of thunder and lightning. Another version is that the etymology of the range derives from the Thracian word Perinthos, meaning "Rocky Mountain".

The Upper lake has a surface area of 17,7 decares and is 2,3 m deep; while the Lower lake has a surface area of 15,9 decares and depth of 9 m. There is also a smaller lake which drys up. The two bigger lakes are not connected and their water pours out from separate streams. There is trout in the lakes.

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Banderishki Lakes

The Banderishki Lakes are a large group of lakes in the Pirin mountains in southwestern Bulgaria. They are situated in the Banderitsa valley and mark the beginning of the Banderitsa river. There are 17 lakes in all but only 5 have names. They are glacial lakes formed on granite basis with a total area of 126,7 decares. The temperature of the water in July is 10 to 12° С.

Kremenski Lakes

Kremenski Lakes are a lake group in the Pirin mountains, southwestern Bulgaria composed of two larger and two smaller lakes situated in a narrow but salient cirque of the same name. They are surrounded by the peaks Sivriya and Dzhano and the Kremenski elevation which ends with Kremenski peak.

Samodivski Lakes

The Samodivski Lakes is a small group of lakes in Pirin, southwestern Bulgaria, part of the larger group of Popovski lakes. They are situated very close to each other in a small cirque to the south west of the Popovo Lake between the peak Dzhengal, Momin Dvor and Kralev Dvor. They are situated at an altitude of 2,373 m, 2,375 m, 2,372 m. The highest has a shape of a boat with size of 75x85 m and surface of 3,20 decares; the second one resembles a kidney and is longer with area of 2,20 decares; the lowest is also the smallest one with size of 50x20 m and surface of only 1 decare. The Samodivski lakes are considered as one of the most beautiful in Pirin and with good reason: they are nestled among high rocks, a small stream curves between them which even forms a tiny waterfall between the higher lakes. They names derives from the folklore beliefs that the wood nymphs gather around at night. According to the legend, the area was home of the daughter of the Slavic god Perun. The track between the Bezbog refuge and the Tevno Lake passes nearby. There are suitable places for camping.

Vlahini Lakes

The Vlahini Lakes is a group of four lakes in Pirin, southwestern Bulgaria situated at 1.5 km to the southwest from Vihren. The group consists of four lakes the highest of which makes 80% of their total area. The lakes are named after the village of Vlahi, located at much lower altitude.

Valyavishki Lakes

The Valyavishki Lakes is a group of lakes in the northern parts Pirin, southwestern Bulgaria and includes 10 lakes. They are amphitheatrically situated in the cirque of the same name. The lakes are glacial and lie on a granite bed. They are located between 2,300 and 2,475 m. Their shores are steep and rocky. Pine-scrub grows around the lakes due to the high altitude.

Vasilashki Lakes

The Vasilashki Lakes are situated in Pirin, Bulgaria in a large cirque between the Todorka and Vasilashki Chukar peaks. The cirque is opened to the east, where it faces the Demyanitsa river in which the water of the lakes pour. This cirque also includes the two lakes Todorini Ochi, whose waters goes to one of the Vasilaski lakes. The cirque is amphitheatric and in fact consists of several smaller cirques situated in a fan-shape way above the main one, in which the two largest lakes are located. The lakes are 10 including the two Todorini, with a total surface area of 160 decares. Their name derives from the legent for Vasil, the beloved one of Todorka, who plunged into the Fish Vasilashko lake when she broke his heart. The most important lakes are:

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Parvomay Municipality is a municipality in Plovdiv Province, Bulgaria, with administrative center Parvomay.

Chairski Lakes

The Chairski Lakes are a group of nine glacial lakes in the Rodopi mountain, south-western Bulgaria. They are located in a large cirque called Chaira in the valley of the river Sandanska Bistritsa. They are situated between the peaks Mozgovishki and Prevalski Chukar at an altitude between 2,200 and 2,450 m. Their total area is around 92 decares which is with 30 decares less than the largest lake in Ririn, the Popovo Lake. Their total volume is 160,000 m³ which is eight time less than the Popovo lake.

Lake Ariana lake

Ariana is the name of a medium-sized artificial lake in Knyaz Boris's Garden in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is "B"-shaped, 175 m long and 75 m wide, with a small island at its narrowest point. It is located at the northernmost corner of the park, in the city centre, between the Eagles' Bridge and the national stadium.

Lake Yenişehir

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Tipits Knoll

Tipits Knoll is the mostly ice-covered ridge extending 800 m in north-south direction and 470 m wide, rising to 1000 m and forming the south extremity of Sofia University Mountains in northern Alexander Island, Antarctica. The knoll surmounts Nichols Snowfield to the southeast. It was visited on 2 February 1988 by the geological survey team of Christo Pimpirev and Borislav Kamenov, and Philip Nell and Peter Marquis.

Malyovishki Lakes

The Malyovishki Lakes are a group of three glacial lakes, situated in the northwestern Rila Mountains in Bulgaria. They are located to the north of the summit of Malyovitsa (2,729 m) in the southwestern part of the homonymous cirque in the upper reaches of the Malyovitsa River, a right tributary of the Cherni Iskar, which is considered the main stem of Bulgaria's longest river that runs entirely within the country, the Iskar. They are terraced from the southwest to the northeast along 300 m.

Chanakgyolski Lakes

The Chanakgyolski Lakes are a group of two glacial lakes, situated in the northwestern Rila Mountains in Bulgaria, in close proximity to the Seven Rila Lakes. They are located in small cirque between Zeleni Rid ridge and the ridge that stems to the north-east of the summit of Haramiyata (2,465 m). The latter forms the watershed between the Aegean and the Black Seas, with the waters to the west belonging to the basin of the river Dzherman, a left tributary of the Struma and those to the east — to the Iskar, a right tributary of the Danube.