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Tiobraid Árann
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A steam train at Tipperary
General information
LocationTipperary Enterprise Centre, Railway Road, Tipperary, E34 EK46
Owned by Iarnród Éireann
Operated byIarnród Éireann
Structure typeAt-grade
Other information
Station codeTIPRY
Fare zoneC
Key dates
9 May 1848Station opened
BSicon KBHFa.svg
Limerick Colbert
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to Foynes
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Limerick Junction
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Fiddown and Portlaw
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Waterford West goods yard
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Waterford Plunkett
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Felthouse Junction
curve closed 1918
Rosslare Line
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Rosslare Strand
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BSicon BOOT.svg
Rosslare Europort

Tipperary Station is a railway station that serves the town of Tipperary, County Tipperary in Ireland. It is approximately 500 metres from centre of town.


It has a weekday passenger service of two trains to Limerick Junction and two to Waterford. There is no Sunday service. [1] Until 19 January 2013 (inclusive) there were three trains each way. However the late-morning Waterford to Limerick Junction and early-afternoon Limerick Junction to Waterford trains are now discontinued. [2]

Change at Limerick Junction for connections to Limerick, Cork, Tralee, Galway & Dublin.

The station is staffed, but the ticket office and platform are not wheelchair-accessible. [3]

In the 2017 NTA Heavy Rail Census, it showed the lowest usage figures of any station in the country, with a total of ten passengers, down from 24 in the 2016 census. [4] This figure is for a given day, not an annual figure, and does not represent any weekend-specific commuting traffic or other seasonal variations.


The station opened on 9 May 1848. [5]

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