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Tipperne at the end of the 1800s; the peninsula has grown a good deal on the east side since then. Nymindegab.jpg
Tipperne at the end of the 1800s; the peninsula has grown a good deal on the east side since then.

Tipperne and Værneengene is a peninsula that is located in the southern end of Ringkøbing Fjord (Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality, Region Midtjylland), on the west coast of Jutland, Denmark. The area, an important stopover for migratory birds, was created by sand deposits and is only a few hundred years old. It has been publicly owned since the latter half of the 18th century, and in 1898 provisions on conservation were introduced to protect the rich bird life in the area. In 1928 a bird reservation was established and a groundskeeper was hired.

The reserve, which falls under the control of Denmark's Environmental Ministry and is managed by the Danish Forest and Nature Agency (Danish: Skov- og Naturstyrelsen) via Oxbøl Statsskovdistrikt, has a total area of about 2,200 ha, of which about 1,500 ha are shallow water areas around the peninsula. Tipperne is part of a larger conservation of Ringkøbing Fjord, which is also designated as a Ramsar wetland, that is, an international area of importance for waterfowl in accordance with the Ramsar Convention and EF's bird protection directive.

So that the birds may have peace and quiet, Tipperne is normally closed to the public. However, there are exceptions, usually on Sunday mornings.

Tipperne at Ringkobing Fiord TipperneRinkkoing2.Jpg
Tipperne at Ringkøbing Fiord

Coordinates: 55°52′0″N8°13′48″E / 55.86667°N 8.23000°E / 55.86667; 8.23000

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Until January 1, 2007, Egvad was a municipality in Ringkjøbing County near the west coast of the Jutland peninsula in west Denmark. The municipality covered an area of 377 square kilometres [km2] (146 sq mi), and had a total population of 9,396 (2005). Its last mayor was Kent Skaanning. The municipality's main town and the site of its municipal council was Tarm. Ringkøbing Fjord defined its northwestern border.

Holmsland Municipality

Until January 1, 2007 Holmsland was a municipality in Ringkjøbing County on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula in west Denmark. The municipality covered an area of 95 km2 on a narrow strip of land, Holmsland Dunes, which is connected to the mainland on the north and south, and bounded on the east by Ringkøbing Fjord and on the west by the North Sea. It had a total population of 5,285 (2005). Its last mayor was Ivar Enevoldsen. The main town and the site of its municipal council was the town of Hvide Sande.

Ringkøbing Town in Region Midtjylland, Denmark

Ringkøbing is a town in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality in Region Midtjylland on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula in west Denmark. It has a population of 9,889.

Little Belt Strait in Denmark linking the Baltic Sea to the Kattegat strait and the Atlantic Ocean

The Little Belt is a strait between the island of Funen and the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark. It is one of the three Danish Straits that drain and connect the Baltic Sea to the Kattegat strait, which drains west to the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

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Endelave is a Danish island in the Kattegat, north of Odense, off the coast of Funen, and west of Samsø. The island covers an area of 13.2 km2 (5.1 sq mi) and has 185 inhabitants.


Himmelev is a largely residential area in the municipality of Roskilde in Denmark and is contiguous with Roskilde. The population in the parish is around 14,000 (2022). It is on the eastern shore of the southernmost part of Roskilde Fjord. It contains primarily subdivisions with single family homes, but one of the three high schools in Roskilde, Himmelev Gymnasium, is also located the town. The Norwegian owned liver paté factory Stryhn's is located in the northwestern part of Himmelev, close to Roskilde Fjord. Veddelev lies slightly to the northwest on a peninsula extending into Roskilde fjord, leaving a narrow waterway of one kilometer extending to the southeast into a rectangular shaped area of the fjord of around 8 sq mi, which contains Roskilde harbor to the south. Further north lies Risø on another peninsula in the fjord.

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Velling Kirkeby is a small town in West Denmark on the peninsula of Jutland with a population of only 264. It is positioned next to the Ringkøbing Fjord which, with its shallow waters combined with the stable west wind, is popular with wind and kitesurfers. This town belongs to the Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality.

Skjern River

Skjern River is the largest river in Denmark, in terms of volume. The river has its spring in Tinnet Krat in central Jutland, very close to Denmark's longest river, the Gudenå. It drains about one tenth of Denmark and flows into the Ringkøbing Fjord - a lagoon and former bay of the North Sea. The river has its name from town of Skjern, located at the river delta at Ringkøbing Fjord. In flood stage, it can discharge up to 200 m³/s.

Ringkøbing Fjord

Ringkøbing Fjord, despite its name, is in fact a shallow lagoon on the west coast of Jutland.


Nymindegab lies in Southwest Jutland, Denmark, and is a former fishing village by the former outflow at the southern end of Ringkøbing Fjord. In the summer, it is a well-attended tourist town with a permanent population of 205. It is located in Varde Municipality and belongs to Region of Southern Denmark. The town is situated at the southern end of the isthmus of Holmsland Dunes, which demarcates the fjord from the North Sea. Just northeast of Nymindegab lies the bird reservation of Tipperne on a peninsula in Ringkøbing Fjord.

Nissum Fjord is an inlet located in West Jutland, west of Vemb and is demarcated from the North Sea by a 1.3 km wide isthmus, Bøvling Klit, and passes through a lock in Thorsminde. The inlet has a water area of 70 km² or 7.000 ha. but the average water depth is only about 1 meter, and the deepest areas in Felsted Kog and the center of the inlet are between 2 and 3 meters. The northern part of the inlet, called Bøvling Fjord, is so shallow that it is sometimes completely drained by strong winds. Nissum Fjord has several creeks which empty into it, such as Ramme Creek, Flynder Creek, Damhus Creek and the largest creek, Storåen, which has its mouth at the eastern corner of Felsted Kog in the southeastern end of the inlet. Since the 1870s, Thorsminde has regulated the inlet's water level and salinity content at the lock, which facilitates water exchange in the inlet. The whole inlet as well as some surrounding land is designated as a wildlife sanctuary and Ramsar wetland, and the inlet and its surrounding reeds and meadows have a rich variety of bird life.

The Chari-Dhand wetland conservation reserve is located on the edge of arid Banni grasslands and the marshy salt flats of the Rann of Kutch in Kutch district, Gujarat State in India. It is currently legally protected under the status as a Protected or Reserve Forest in India. Chari means salt affected and Dhand means shallow wetland, Dhand is a Sindhi word for a shallow saucer shaped depression. This is a seasonal desert wetland and only gets swampy during a good monsoon, receiving water from the north flowing rivers as well as from the huge catchment areas of many surrounding big hills. It is spread over an area of 80 km2. It is in Nakhtrana Taluka, 80 km south west to the city of Bhuj, about 7 or 8 km from Fulary village and 30 km from Nakhtrana town. It is home to nearly two lakh birds with migratory and endangered species of birds flocking into the area in thousands during monsoon and winters.

Horsens Fjord

Horsens Fjord is an East Jutland-type fjord in the east coast of the Danish peninsula of Jutland which stretches from the islands of Alrø and Hjarnø in the east to the town of Horsens on the mainland. It is some 20 kilometres (12 mi) long. The navigational channel to Horsens has a depth of 7 metres (23 ft).

Vigelsø is a small, uninhabited island in Odense Fjord, off the coast of Funen, Denmark. With an area of 132 hectares, it is the largest island in the fjord and an important breeding ground for waterfowl and rest stop for migratory birds. It is part of the Special Area of Conservation No. SPC 94, Odense Fjord under the EU Habitat and Birds Directives.

Almindingen One of the largest forests in Denmark

Almindingen is one of the largest forests in Denmark. It is located in the centre of the island of Bornholm. The forest covers 3,800 hectares, making it Denmark's third largest. Though it was at one time common grazing land for cattle, it was fenced in for forestry in 1809 by Hans Rømer, the forest supervisor. As a result, by the beginning of the 20th century, Bornholm had become Denmark's most forested region.

Wildlife of Ukraine

The wildlife of Ukraine consists of its diverse fauna, flora and funga. The reported fauna consists of 45,000 species when including the areas of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. The country's protected environments consist of 33 Ramsar sites covering a total area of 7,446.51 square kilometres (2,875.11 sq mi). Biosphere nature reserves and three national parks are all part of the GEF projects portfolio of conservation of biodiversity in the Danube Delta. Their vegetation pattern is Mixed Forest area, Forest-Steppe area, Steppe area, Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains and Crimean Mountains. Some of the protected areas that were reserves or parks are subsumed under the biosphere reserves.

Randers Fjord Danish fjord

Randers Fjord is a 30 km (19 mi) long Danish fjord in Northern Europe leading to the sea of Kattegat, between Denmark and Sweden. The fjord is the outlet from Denmark's longest river, Gudenå. The upper 13 km (8.1 mi), starting at the town Randers, looks more like a broad river than a fjord. The lower 17 km (11 mi) have extensive reed plains bordering the shores To some extent this inhibits the recreational use of and access to the fjord. In some places, the reed beds are harvested for traditional roof thatching. The shallow eastern part of the fjord is known as Grund Fjord, being an extension of Alling Å.

Agger Tange

Agger Tange is a peninsula located between the Limfjord and the North Sea. Agger Tange protrudes from the North Jutlandic Island, immediately south of the village Agger in Thy.