Tirana Year Zero

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Tirana Year Zero
Directed byFatmir Koçi
Written byFatmir Koçi
Enzo Brandner
Marco Nicoletti
Produced byFatmir Koçi
StarringNevin Meçaj
Emilia Teli
CinematographyEnzo Brandner
Edited byThomas Kuhne
Michel Klochendler [1]
Music byArtem Denissov
Cine-Sud Promotion
Release date
  • 2002 (2002)
Belgium [2]
Box office$5,153

Tirana Year Zero (Tirana, année zéro), is a 2002 Albanian film produced, written and directed by Fatmir Koçi. It tells the story of a young couple in post-communist Albania, at a time when many Albanians left the country in search for a better life abroad.



The protagonist of the movie is Nik, who lives in the capital of Albania, Tirana, along with his mother and father. He is in love with a beautiful girl named Klara, who wants to move to Paris to be a model. Nik makes his living with an old truck that belonged to his father, who is now sick, and seemingly dying.

Amidst the criticisms of his mother, the confusion and desperation covering the country, and the desire of his girlfriend to leave, Nik is still unsure whether he wants to leave. The film explores the way Nik handles the events of his life.


The film appeared in competition at several film festivals, including Venice (2001); Sarlat, Amiens and Strasbourg; Namur, where it received the SACD prize; and Thessaloniki, where it won the first prize, the Golden Alexander. [3]


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