Tirey Hall

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Tirey Hall
Tirey Hall
General information
TypeStudent Union
Architectural style Collegiate Gothic
LocationChestnut Street; on the Quadrangle of Indiana State University
Coordinates 39°28′09″N87°24′28″W / 39.469079°N 87.407827°W / 39.469079; -87.407827 Coordinates: 39°28′09″N87°24′28″W / 39.469079°N 87.407827°W / 39.469079; -87.407827
Named forRalph N. Tirey
Design and construction
Architect Ralph Oscar Yeager of Miller & Yeager

Tirey Hall is the current home of the Terre Haute Symphony [1] and is located at Indiana State University. Originally named the Student Union upon completion in 1940, it was renamed Tirey Hall in 1963 in honor of Ralph Noble Tirey, the fifth President of the University; his tenure ran from 1934–1953. [2] [3]

The building was a PWA funded project, to the tune of $191,782.00. The balance was funded by the University. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt gave the dedication address and Rose Bampton, Metropolitan Soprano performed. Tirey Hall is the home of Tilson Music Hall (named in honor of Lowell Mason Tilson, Faculty and chairperson of the Music Department (1915-1940)); the Hall seat 1,450 in a classic Proscenium Arch configuration. [4] [5]

The building is also the site of the University's Heritage Ballroom and Lounge.http://www.indstate.edu/scheduling/venues/Indoor/heritage.htm

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