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Tír Ní Néill
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Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 54°17′12″N6°57′59″W / 54.2867°N 6.9664°W / 54.2867; -6.9664 Coordinates: 54°17′12″N6°57′59″W / 54.2867°N 6.9664°W / 54.2867; -6.9664
Country Ireland
Province Ulster
County Monaghan
Time zone WET (UTC+0)
  Summer (DST) IST (WEST) (UTC-1)

Tirnaneill (Irish : Tír Ní Néill, meaning "O'Neill's land") is a townland situated in north County Monaghan in Ireland, about halfway between Emyvale and Monaghan Town at a crossroads on the N2 road known as Tirnaneill Cross.

Irish language Goidelic (Gaelic) language spoken in Ireland and by Irish people

Irish is a Goidelic (Gaelic) language originating in Ireland and historically spoken by the Irish people. Irish is spoken as a first language in substantial areas of counties Galway, Kerry, Cork and Donegal, smaller areas of Waterford, Mayo and Meath, and a few other locations, and as a second language by a larger group of non-habitual speakers across the country.

A townland is a small geographical division of land used in Ireland. The townland system is of Gaelic origin, pre-dating the Norman invasion, and most have names of Irish Gaelic origin. However, some townland names and boundaries come from Norman manors, plantation divisions, or later creations of the Ordnance Survey. The total number of inhabited townlands was 60,679 in 1911. The total number recognised by the Irish Place Names database as of 2014 was 61,098, including uninhabited townlands, mainly small islands.

County Monaghan County in the Republic of Ireland

County Monaghan is a county in Ireland. It is part of the Border Region and is in the province of Ulster. It is named after the town of Monaghan. Monaghan County Council is the local authority for the county. The population of the county is 60,483 according to the 2011 census.


It is believed that the townland was settled by the High King Uí Néill in 200 AD[ citation needed ] (hence the name, which means "land of the O'Neills"). It is said he settled here because of its proximity to the N2 (handy for popping in and out of town), and the beauty and quality of land that could not be matched anywhere else in Ireland; land he wanted for himself.[ citation needed ]

High King of Ireland

The High Kings of Ireland were sometimes historical and sometimes legendary figures who had, or who are claimed to have had, lordship over the whole of Ireland.

The Uí Néill are Irish and Scottish dynasties who claim descent from Niall Noigiallach, a historical King of Tara who died c. 405.

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Monaghan is the county town of County Monaghan, Ireland. It also provides the name of its civil parish and barony.

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Dungannon is a town in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It is the third-largest town in the county and had a population of 15,889 at the 2011 Census. The Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council had its headquarters in the town, though since 2015 it has been covered by Mid-Ulster District Council.

N12 road (Ireland) road in Ireland

The N12 road is one of the shortest national primary roads in the Republic of Ireland, running 6.87 km (4.27 mi) from outside Monaghan to the border with County Armagh, Northern Ireland, at Ardgonnell Bridge. The N12 is part of an overall route running from Cavan Town to Belfast.

Clontibret Town in Ulster, Ireland

Clontibret is a village and a parish in County Monaghan, Ireland. The population in the 2016 census was 172. Clontibret is also a parish in both Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland traditions. The territory of the parish also includes Annyalla and Doohamlet as well as smaller settlements such as Cremartin, Scotch Corner and lisnagrieve

Scotshouse Village in Ulster, Ireland

Scotshouse (Achadh is the Scottish Gealic for field and the Ulster dialect of Gaelic is close to the Scottish. NahAlban is Gaelic for Scottish. The more logical name for Scotshouse in Gaelic would be Achadh nahAlban, field of the Scots. is a small agricultural village about 7 kilometres away from the border town of Clones, in County Monaghan, Ireland. It is close to the border with both County Cavan and County Fermanagh. Cavan town is 18 km away and Monaghan town is 27 km away from Scotshouse.

Aughnacloy, County Tyrone village in the United Kingdom

Aughnacloy, sometimes spelt Auchnacloy is a village in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Close to the border with County Monaghan, the village is about 20 km southwest of Dungannon, and 7 km southeast of Ballygawley. It is situated in the historic barony of Dungannon Lower and the civil parish of Carnteel. In the 2001 Census it had a population of 801.

The gallowglasses were a class of elite mercenary warriors who were principally members of the Norse-Gaelic clans of Scotland between the mid 13th century and late 16th century. As Scots, they were Gaels and shared a common background and language with the Irish, but as they were descendants of 10th century Norse settlers who had intermarried with the local population in western Scotland, the Irish called them Gall Gaeil.

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Donagh is a small village and townland in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. It lies between Lisnaskea and Newtownbutler in the south-east of County Fermanagh. In the 2001 Census it had a population of 255. It is situated within Fermanagh and Omagh district.

Altmore ) is a hamlet and townland in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It is five miles from Carrickmore and four miles from Pomeroy. The townland is actually called Altmore and is situated in the historic barony of Dungannon Middle and the civil parish of Pomeroy and covers an area of 1117 acres.

Sheskin Townland in Ulster, Ireland

Sheskin, traditionally divided into Sheskinmor and Sheskinbeg, is a townland in the north of County Monaghan in Ireland. It is in the foothills of Sliabh Beagh. Sheskin is part of the civil parish of Tydavnet, situated about 3 miles from the village of Scotstown and about 8 miles from Monaghan town. Sheskin is straddled in the east by the River Blackwater and in the south by one of its tributaries, which converge at the south eastern corner of the townland.


Airgíalla was a medieval Irish over-kingdom and the collective name for the confederation of tribes that formed it. The confederation consisted of nine minor-kingdoms, all independent of each other but paying nominal suzerainty to an overking, usually from the most powerful dynasty. Airgíalla at its peak roughly matched the modern dioceses of Armagh and Clogher, spanning parts of counties Armagh, Monaghan, Louth, Fermanagh, Tyrone and Londonderry. Its main towns were Armagh and Clogher. The name's usage survives as a cultural area of folk tradition in South East Ulster and adjoining areas of County Louth.

Ashbourne, County Meath Town in Leinster, Ireland

Ashbourne, historically called Killeglan or Kildeglan, is a town in County Meath, Ireland. It is about 20 km north of Dublin close to the M2 motorway.

Glaslough Village in Ulster, Ireland

Glaslough is a village and townland in the north of County Monaghan, Ireland, on the R185 regional road 3 km (2 mi) south of the border with Northern Ireland and 10 km (6 mi) northeast of Monaghan town. Glaslough won the Irish Tidy Towns Competition in 1978. Castle Leslie, the large Victorian country house and luxury hotel, is located on the edge of the village.

Magheraboy in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Magheraboy is a barony in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. To its east lies Lower Lough Erne, and it is bordered by three other baronies in Northern Ireland: Lurg to the north; Tirkennedy to the east; and Clanawley to the south It also borders two baronies in the Republic of Ireland: Tirhugh to the north; and Rosclogher to the south. The westernmost point of Magheraboy is also the westernmost point of Northern Ireland and even the westernmost piece of land of the United Kingdom..

Tassan Townland in Ulster, Ireland

Tassan is a townland in the parish of Clontibret in County Monaghan, Ireland.