Tiruchirappalli–Thiruvananthapuram Intercity Express

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Tiruchirappalli–Thiruvananthapuram Intercity Express
Service type Express
Locale Tiruchirappalli
First service14 July 2012;9 years ago (2012-07-14)(initial run between TPJ and TEN) [1]
15 July 2017;4 years ago (2017-07-15)(extended to TVC) [2]
Current operator(s) Southern Railway zone
Start Tiruchirappalli Junction (TPJ)
End Thiruvananthapuram Central (TVC)
Distance travelled462 km (287 mi)
Average journey time8 Hours 20 Minutes
Service frequencyDaily
Train number(s)22627/22628
On-board services
Class(es) CC, 2S, SLR, SLRD and UR/GS
Disabled access Wheelchair symbol.svg
Seating arrangements Open coach
Corridor coach
Sleeping arrangementsNo
Auto-rack arrangementsNo
Catering facilitiesNo
Observation facilitiesWindows in all carriages
Entertainment facilitiesNo
Baggage facilitiesOverhead racks
Baggage carriage
Rolling stock Locomotive:
1 AC chair car (CC)
7 second seating (2S)
ten UR/GS
Track gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Electrification 25Kva
Operating speed56 kilometres per hour (35 mph)
Track owner(s) Southern Railway zone
Timetable number(s)7/7A [3]
Rake maintenance Tiruchirappalli Junction
Rake sharing Guruvayur–Thiruvananthapuram Intercity Express
Route map
Map depicting route of Trichy-Trivandrum intercity Superfast express Route map of Trichy - Trivandrum Intercity Superfast Express.png
Map depicting route of Trichy-Trivandrum intercity Superfast express

Tiruchirappalli–Thiruvananthapuram Central Intercity Express is a Express Express connecting Tiruchirappalli with Thiruvananthapuram via Dindigul , Madurai , Tirunelveli between the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, India.


General information

This train was introduced during the 2012–2013 railway budget as a new daily train between Tiruchirappalli and Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu, India. [4] [5] The train, numbered as 22627/22628, made its inaugural run on 14 July 2012. [6] [7] And it made its regular service since 15 July 2012. [1] This train has extended up to Thiruvananthapuram Central since 15 July 2017. [2]


The train has 18 bogies comprising One A/C Chair Car (CC), Seven Second Seating (2S), 8 Unreserved Coaches (UR/GS), 2 Luggage Rake (SLR), eight general compartments (unreserved). [lower-alpha 1]



This service has had brief stoppages at Manapparai, Dindigul Junction, Madurai Junction, Virudhunagar Junction, Sattur, Kovilpatti, Tirunelveli Junction, Valliyur, Nagercoil Town and Kuzhithurai on both directions [1] [8]

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  1. The coach composition is subject to change.

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The town of Viluppuram in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is well connected by both rail and road to other major cities in the state including Chennai, Trichy, Madurai, Salem, Thanjavur, Coimbatore, Dindigul and Vellore. And also other state major cities such as Bengaluru, Tirupati, Pondicherry and Mangalore. Viluppuram serves as one of the important railway junction of Tamil Nadu and Southern Railway Zone. The nearest domestic airport is Pondicherry, which has a daily chartered flight to Bengaluru. The nearest international airports are Chennai and Tiruchirappalli.

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The 16191 / 16192 Tambaram–Nagercoil Antyodaya Express is an express train of the Indian Railways connecting Tambaram and Nagercoil Junction in Tamil Nadu. It is operated daily from Tambaram to Nagercoil Junction as train number 16191, and from Nagercoil Junction to Tambaram as train number 16192.


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