Tis Ellados ta Paidia

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Tis Ellados ta Paidia
Της Ελλάδος τα παιδιά
Created by Dimitris Venizelos
Starring Giannis Bezos,
Chrysoula Diavati,
Nikos Alexiou,
Kostas Evripiotis,
Yannis Savvidakis,
Dimitris Fragioglou,
Yannis Kapetanios
Country of originGreece
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes54
Running time25 minutes
Original network ANT1
Original releaseSeptember 1993 (1993-09) 
1995 (1995)

Tis Ellados ta Paidia (Greek : Της Ελλάδος τα παιδιά) is a Greek comedy television series that was aired for two seasons (1993–1994 and 1994–1995) by ANT1 TV. The series was created by Dimitris Venizelos and it stars Giannis Bezos, Chrysoula Diavati, Nikos Alexiou, Kostas Evripiotis, Yannis Savvidakis, Dimitris Fragioglou, Yannis Kapetanios and others.


The series became great success and it is often selected by the audience as one of the best Greek TV-series of all times. [1] [2] It is maybe the first Greek surrealist comedy. [3] The series included nice dialogues with clever cues.


Three aircraftmen have their military service in an aviation office camp, commanded by Group Captain Epaminondas Kakalos. Kakalos is a strict commander, but he is also ambitious, flirtatious and sometimes blunderer. Other basic members of the cast are Hlapatsas, a nark aircraftman, Karavaneas, a naive sergeant and Boubou, the commander's secretary. The series is based on the funny situations between the staff of this aviation camp.


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