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Country Italy
Physical characteristics
Mouth Nera
42°48′26″N12°54′10″E / 42.8072°N 12.9027°E / 42.8072; 12.9027
Basin features
Progression NeraTiberTyrrhenian Sea

The Tissino is a small watercourse of eastern Umbria in Italy. Its source is a few hundred meters South of Usigni, at an approximate altitude of 1000 m (3300 ft), and it flows for about 20 km (12 mi), almost due north, past the towns of Usigni, Poggiodomo, Roccatamburo and Mucciafora, high above the river in the massif of Mounts Coscerno and Bacugno on its west bank, then past Rocchetta and Ponte also high above it on the ridge of Monte Maggio on its east bank; and flows into the Nera at about 380 m (1250 ft) altitude, at about 1 km SW of Cerreto Borgo.

The Tissino is not to be confused with the Tescino, about a dozen km away, that flows into the Nera at Terni; nor with the Ticino, a large river of northern Italy.

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Thayar Thoppu is a village comes under Veerakeralampudur Panchayat, Veerakeralamputhur taluk, Tenkasi District Tamil Nadu, India. It locates between Alangulam and veerakeralampudur. Like any Indian rural village, this village too is steeped in tradition and rich in heritage, struggling to hold on to its past glories. Here the modern co-exist peacefully with the bullock-carts of yesterday years It's Panchayath union comes under Kilapavoor. It has one Government primary school. Due to its location near Courtallam, the climatic condition is just awful and drizzles during Courtallam season.

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The Rieti Valley or Rieti Plain is a small plain in central Italy, where lies the city of Rieti, Lazio. It is also known as Sacred Valley and Holy Valley since saint Francis of Assisi lived here for many years and erected four shrines, which have become the destination of pilgrims.

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