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Tistedal Church

Tistedalen is a part of Halden in Østfold, Norway. Originally located four kilometers from the city center, the area started growing up around the sawmill industry and has now been engulfed by Halden, although it still maintains some separate identity. [1]

Traditionally, Norway's largest sawmill industry was located in Tistedalen. In the 20th century, Tistedalen became a classic working class community, surrounded by small factories. There is some presence of different religious groups.

In 1991 and 1992 Tistedalen had four brutal murders. Tistedalen suddenly got into the focus of the media, due to one of the worst murder cases in Norwegian history. In 1994, a local man, Roger Haglund, was sentenced for the Tistedalen Murders. The name Tistedal comes from the river "Tista" and "dal" meaning the valley. It is also called Tistdærn by the locals.

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Østfold Former county (fylke) of Norway

Østfold[ˈœ̂stfɔɫ](listen) is a traditional region, a former county and a current electoral district in southeastern Norway. It borders Akershus and southwestern Sweden, while Buskerud and Vestfold are on the other side of Oslofjord. The county's administrative seat was Sarpsborg. The county controversially became part of the newly established Viken County on 1 January 2020.

Halden Municipality in Viken, Norway

Halden, between 1665 and 1928 known as Frederikshald, is both a town and a municipality in Viken county, Norway. The municipality borders Sarpsborg to the northwest, Rakkestad to the north and Aremark to the east, as well as the Swedish municipalities Strömstad, Tanum and Dals-Ed respectively to the southwest, south and southeast.

Kjeller Village in Østlandet, Norway

Kjeller is a village located near Lillestrøm in the municipality of Lillestrøm, Norway. It is located 25 kilometers north-east of Oslo.


Fredriksten is a fortress in the city of Halden in Norway.

Østfold University College

Østfold University College is a university college in Viken county, Norway. It has campuses in Fredrikstad and Halden, and has around 7000 students and 550 employees. The university college is one of the public university colleges in Norway, and is a result of five public colleges in Halden, Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad which were joined together as a part of the University College Reform of 1994.

Soot Canal

The Soot Canal was a canal system located at Eidskog in Innlandet, Norway. Constructed in 1849, it has Norway's oldest sluice gates. It was the work of Engebret Soot (1786-1859). It was built to allow timber to be transported (floated) to the Halden sawmills. The canal was 1.5 km long and had 16 locks which extended from Lake Skjervangen at 185 m above sea level up to Lake Mortsjølungen at 201 m above sea level.

Halden Canal

The Halden Canal near Halden, Norway, began construction in 1852. The canal allows boats to travel parallel to the Swedish border of 75 km from Tistedal to Skulerud. Engebret Soot was responsible for this canal, as well as the earlier Soot Canal. Tistedal is located 4 km from the sea at Halden. Boats can be transported by road here and from Ørje to Dalsland Canal. Halden Canal was added to the list of priority technical and industrial cultural heritage by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage.


Degernes is a village and parish in Rakkestad municipality in Østfold county, Norway.

Berg, Østfold

Berg is a former parish and municipality which now forms part of Halden municipality in Østfold county, Norway. The rural municipality was was merged with the city of Halden on January 1, 1967.

Norske Skog Saugbrugs AS is a pulp mill and paper mill located in Halden, Norway, which produces supercalender (SC) magazine paper. Located in the river Tista in Tistedalen, the mill produces 550,000 tonnes per year in three paper machines. Pulp is produced both from virgin fibers at an on-site thermomechanical pulp (TMP) mill. Part of Norske Skog, it is the sole remaining magazine mill in Norway.


Idd is a parish and former municipality in Halden, Østfold county, Norway.

Fetsund Village in Viken, Norway

Fetsund forms the center of the municipality Lillestrøm Viken, Norway. The name comes from the local geography, Fet means "where water meets grass". As for the -sund part, it simply means 'strait, inlet'. Accordingly, Fetsund is located at the strait of Glomma, Norway's largest river, just before it enters Øyeren nature reservation, and this is the place the logging industry in years past pulled the logs out of the water for transport to steam sawmills.

Halden Ishall is an indoor ice hockey arena located in Halden, Norway. It was built in 1988 with an original capacity of 1,200.

Ann-Kristin Olsen is a Norwegian jurist and civil servant. Known as the first female chief of police in Norway, and the first female Governor of Svalbard. She served as County Governor of Vest-Agder from 1998 until her retirement in 2015.

Institute for Energy Technology

Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) was established in 1948 as the Institute for Nuclear Energy (IFA). The name was changed in 1980. Its main office is at Kjeller, Norway, and slightly under half of the institute’s activities are based in Halden. In Halden IFE is host to the international OECD Halden Reactor Project, with 18 member states.

The Tistedalen Murders occurred in 1991 and 1992 in Norway. Four people were killed by Roger Herbert Haglund in the space of one year.

Veden Manor

Veden Manor is a manor in Tistedalen in Halden, Norway, and a former privileged noble estate.

Martin Hoel Andersen is a Norwegian football midfielder and former striker.

Lillestrøm (town) Town in Viken, Norway

Lillestrøm is a town located some 18 km (11 mi) east-northeast of Oslo, the capital city of Norway. With a population of 14,379 inhabitants, it is the administrative centre of Lillestrøm Municipality in Viken County, and lies within the traditional district of Romerike.

Tistedalens TIF Football club

Tistedalens Turn- og Idrettsforening is a Norwegian multi-sports club from Tistedalen, Halden, Viken. It has sections for association football and team handball.


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