Tita Kovač Artemis

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Tita Kovač Artemis
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Tita Kovač Artemis
Born(1930-09-18)18 September 1930
Novo Mesto, Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Died11 March 2016 (aged 85)
OccupationChemist and writer
Notable awards Levstik Award
1985 for Kemiki skozi stoletja

Tita Kovač Artemis (19 September 1930 – 11 March 2016) was a Slovene chemist and writer. [1]

She won the Levstik Award in 1985 for her book Kemiki skozi stoletja (Chemists Through the Centuries). [2]

She was best known for her documented biographical novels on Johann Weikhard von Valvasor Spomini baraona Valvasorja (Memoirs of Baron Valvasor), 1973; Stephen Dečanski Štefan Dečanski, 1974; Sigmund Zois Najbogatejši Kranjec (The Richest Carniolan), 1979; Janez Bleiweis Slovenski orator (The Slovene Orator), 1990; and Ioannis Kapodistrias Grški feniks (The Greek Phoenix), 2003.[ citation needed ]

In 1970 she moved to Greece where she lived and worked for many years until she moved to a retirement home near Topolšica in her native Slovenia. [3]

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