Titer Khel

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Titer Khel is a Marwat village on the Indus Highway in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.


Titer Khel is surrounded by sand dunes.

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The Khel Ratna Award, officially known as the Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award, formerly known as the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in Sports and Games, is the highest sporting honour of India. It is awarded annually by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

The Kundi is a sub-tribe of the Niazi tribe of Pashtuns, that inhabit most areas of Tank and D.I.Khan.

Turi (Pashtun tribe)

The Turi or Torai are a sub-tribe of the Karlani Pashtun tribe, inhabiting the Kurram Valley, in Kurram Agency in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, with a smaller number living across the Durand line in the Paktia province of Afghanistan. They speak Pashto and are adherents of the Twelver Shia sect of Islam.

Khyber District District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan

Khyber District is a district in Peshawar Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. Until 2018, it was an agency of Federally Administered Tribal Areas, with merger of FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it became a district. It ranges from the Tirah valley down to Peshawar. It borders Nangarhar Province to the west, Orakzai District to the south, Kurram District to south west, Peshawar to the east and Mohmand District in north.

Paghman District District in Kabul Province, Afghanistan

Paghman District is in the western part of Kabul Province, Afghanistan. It has a population of over 120,000 people.

Barmal District or Barmal County is a county of Paktika Province, Afghanistan, bordering and South and North Waziristan. Angur Ada is port entry to Paktika Province and a major economic hub. The government office of Barmal County is located in Newa Ada.

The Ranizai are a sub tribe of the Yusufzai Pashtun tribe in the Malakand District in North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan. Ranizai tribe has occupied the upper part of district Malakand. The various important villages include Thana, Alladand Dheri, Batkhela, Khar, Dheri Julagram Totakan Mekhband Sholwai and Matkani. Alladand Dheri village was the head office. The various sub-tribes of Ranizai is Ali-khail. Ranizai is further divided into 5 sub-khels which are; Mardan khel Ismail khel Umbarak khel Dadi khel kari khel

Alikhel or Alikhil is a Pashtun tribe in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Alikhel belongs to the tribe of the Panni confederation of Pashtuns. It is considered a "brother tribe" of the Sulaimankhel and Tanoli tribes.

Aba Khel is the subtribe of Mandanr Yusafzai Pashtun tribe in Swabi District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan. They are settled in villages Zaida, Kaddi, Hund, Shah Mansur, Khunda, Ambar, Panj Pir, Beka, Aryan, Lahor and Kheshgi.

The Mandanr, Mandar, or Mandan are a Pashtun tribe, branch of Yusufzai. They are the children of Mand, who was the son of Umar baba. Umar Baba was the brother of Yousaf, Umar left the tribe and moved from Kandahar to Hassanabdal. An Arab Quraysh family in Hassanabdal gave their daughter to Omar in marriage. Omar had a son from an Arab girl which they named Mandanr. When Mandanr was one year old, Omar Baba died. Upon hearing the news of his death, Yusuf left Kandahar and went to Hassan Abdal. He took his sister-in-law to Kandahar. According to the Pakhtun tradition, he married the widow of Umar Baba and gave Mandanr his daughter in marriage. That is why Yusufzai and Mandanr are considered one tribe, they are thus a sub tribe of Yousafzai. Mandanr had four sons.Mano, Razar, Khizar and Mehmood.

Balar Khel is the largest Khel in Usi Khel, Aba Khel subtribe of Mandanr Yusafzai inhabiting Yar Hussain village Swabi District & Garhi Kapoora Mehmood Abad Gumbat Mardan villages of Mardan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan.

The Zadran, also spelled Dzadran or Jadran, is a Pashtun tribe that inhabits the Loya Paktia region in southeastern Afghanistan and parts of Waziristan in neighboring Pakistan. "Zadran: Pashtun tribe mainly residing in the “Zadran Arc” a 9-district area encompassing portions of the Khost, Paktya, and Paktika provinces."Zadran is considered to be one of the strongest and fighting tribe in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Mahabbat Khel or Muhabbat Khel or Mohabbat khel or Muhabbat kheyl are Pashtun of Allai. They belonged originally to the Yousufzai tribe, but in Mansehra and Allai the Khel is known as a Swati tribe, because of their invaded from Swat and Afghanistan wardak-kabol.

Khel, also spelled as Khail, are sub-tribes of Pashtun tribes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The title of the tribe ends in Zai and its sub-tribe name ends in Khel. Khel is also a common final element in the names of villages in Afghanistan and in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan, such as Darra Adam Khel.


The Kakazai, also known as Loi, Loe, or Loye Mamund, a division of the Mamund clan, are part of the larger Tarkani tribe who are primarily settled in Bajaur Agency, Pakistan, but originally hailed from the Laghman province of Afghanistan. However, it has grown and scattered around to such an extent that it is recognized as tribe of its own.

Afridi Adam Khel is one of the 8 clans of the Afridi tribe that originated in the Pashtun region of modern-day India Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Kala Khel is a clan of Tirah Adam Khel.Kala Khel Area adjacent to FR Peshawar and FR Kohat is a part of Khyber Agency administratively whereas on the Topo - Sheet of Survey of Pakistan, it has been shown as the part of Peshawar Division and Kohat Division. Adam Khel is a sub-tribe of Afridi that has originated from the Karlanee or Karlani group of Pashtuns. The Kala Khel clan of Tirah Adam Khel inhabits in FR Peshawar region and in Bara and Torghar as well. It can be found on Google Maps at 33.728623N,71.55256E and Tirah valley of Khyber agency at 33.73N, 71.01E.