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Titerno is a Gruppo di azione locale  [ it ] (Local Action Group) in the Province of Benevento, Campania Region, Italy. Member communities include:

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Inter Milan Association football club based in Milan, Italy

Football Club Internazionale Milano, commonly referred to as Internazionale or simply Inter, and known as Inter Milan in English-speaking countries, is an Italian professional football club based in Milan, Lombardy. Inter is the only Italian side to have always competed in the top flight of Italian football since its debut in 1909.

Pisa Comune in Tuscany, Italy

Pisa is a city and comune in Tuscany, central Italy, straddling the Arno just before it empties into the Ligurian Sea. It is the capital city of the Province of Pisa. Although Pisa is known worldwide for its leaning tower, the city contains more than twenty other historic churches, several medieval palaces, and bridges across the Arno. Much of the city's architecture was financed from its history as one of the Italian maritime republics.

San Marino Country in Southern Europe enclaved by Italy

San Marino, officially the Republic of San Marino, also known as the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, is a small country in Southern Europe enclaved by Italy. Located on the northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains, San Marino covers a land area of just over 61 km2 (24 sq mi), and has a population of 33,562.

As the only surviving medieval microstate in the Italian peninsula, the history of San Marino is intertwined with the medieval, Renaissance and modern-day history of the Italian peninsula, according to tradition beginning with its foundation in 301 AD.

Catania City in Sicily, Italy

Catania is the second largest city in Sicily, after Palermo, and among the ten largest cities in Italy. It is located on Sicily's east coast, at the base of the active volcano, Mount Etna, and it faces the Ionian Sea. It is the capital of the 58-municipality region known as the Metropolitan City of Catania, which is the seventh-largest metropolitan city in Italy. The population of the city proper is 311,584, while the population of the Metropolitan City of Catania is 1,107,702.

Lucca City and comune in Tuscany, Italy

Lucca is a city and comune in Tuscany, Central Italy, on the Serchio River, in a fertile plain near the Ligurian Sea. The city has a population of about 89,000, while its province has a population of 383,957.

Naples City in Campania, Italy

Naples is the regional capital of Campania and the third-largest city of Italy, after Rome and Milan, with a population of 967,069 within the city's administrative limits as of 2017. Its province-level municipality is the third-most populous metropolitan city in Italy with a population of 3,115,320 residents, and its metropolitan area stretches beyond the boundaries of the city wall for approximately 20 miles.

Trieste City in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Trieste is a city and seaport in northeastern Italy. It is the capital city, and largest city, of the autonomous region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, one of two autonomous regions which are not subdivided into provinces.

Saint Lawrence Christian saint, martyr and a deacon of Rome (225-258)

Saint Lawrence or Laurence was one of the seven deacons of the city of Rome under Pope Sixtus II who were martyred in the persecution of the Christians that the Roman Emperor Valerian ordered in 258. Lawrence encountered the future Pope Sixtus II, who was of Greek origin and one of the most famous and highly esteemed teachers, in Caesaraugusta. Eventually, both left Spain for Rome. When Sixtus became the Pope in 257, he ordained Lawrence as a deacon, and though Lawrence was still young appointed him first among the seven deacons who served in the cathedral church.

San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, commonly known as San Siro, is a football stadium in the San Siro district of Milan, Italy, which is the home of Internazionale and A.C. Milan. It has a seating capacity of 80,018, making it one of the largest stadiums in Europe, and the largest in Italy.

Volturno River in south central Italy

The Volturno is a river in south-central Italy.

Imola Circuit Motorsport venue in Italy

The Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, better known as Imola, is a 4.909 km (3.050 mi) motor racing circuit in the town of Imola, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, 40 km (25 mi) east of Bologna. It is one of the few major international circuits to run in an anti-clockwise direction. The circuit is named after Ferrari's late founder, Enzo Ferrari, and his son, Alfredo "Dino" Ferrari, who died in 1956 at age 24. Before Enzo's death, it was called Autodromo Dino Ferrari. The circuit has an FIA Grade One licence.

San Lupo is the name of a hill town and comune in the province of Benevento, in the Campania region of southern Italy. It is a member of the Titerno "Local Action Group".

San Lorenzo Maggiore is a town and comune in the province of Benevento, in the Campania region of southern Italy. It is a member of the Titerno Local Action Group.

Ponte, Campania Comune in Campania, Italy

Ponte is the name of a town and comune in the Province of Benevento, Campania Region, Italy. It is a member of the Titerno "Local Action Group" (GAL) and its name means bridge in Italian.

Pietraroja Comune in Campania, Italy

Pietraroja is a mountain comune (municipality) in the province of Benevento in Campania, southern Italy. It is approximately 50 km by car from Benevento, in direction north-west, 83 km from Naples in direction north-east and approximately 223 km from Rome in direction south-east.

Turin City in Piedmont, Italy

Turin is a city and an important business and cultural centre in northern Italy. It is the capital city of Piedmont and of the Metropolitan City of Turin, and was the first Italian capital from 1861 to 1865. The city is mainly on the western bank of the Po River, below its Susa Valley, and is surrounded by the western Alpine arch and Superga Hill. The population of the city proper is 847,287 while the population of the urban area is estimated by Eurostat to be 1.7 million inhabitants. The Turin metropolitan area is estimated by the OECD to have a population of 2.2 million.

Monte Acero Mountain in Italy

Monte Acero is a mountain of Campania, Italy situated in the Telesina Valley and shared by the municipalities of San Salvatore Telesino and Faicchio, next to the Monaco di Gioia and its peaks, which are offshoots of the Matese mountains.

Italy national football B team is a B team representing the Italian Football Federation. The most recent fixture was a non-A friendly with San Marino on 31 May 2017.

The COVID-19 pandemic in San Marino is part of the ongoing worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. The virus was confirmed to have reached San Marino in February 2020.