Titina De Filippo

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Titina De Filippo
Titina De Filippo 1950s.jpg
Titina De Filippo in the 1950s
Annunziata De Filippo

27 March 1898
Died26 December 1963 (1963-12-27) (aged 65)
Occupation Actress, playwright
Spouse(s) Pietro Carloni
ChildrenAugusto Carloni
Parent(s)Luisa De Filippo
Eduardo Scarpetta
Relatives Peppino De Filippo (brother)
Eduardo De Filippo (brother)
Eduardo Passarelli (half-brother)
Ester Carloni (sister-in-law)

Titina De Filippo (born Annunziata De Filippo; 27 March 1898 – 26 December 1963) was an Italian actress and playwright. [2]


She was born in via Dell'Ascensione in Chiaia, Naples, the oldest of three children born from the extramarital relationship between Luisa De Filippo and Eduardo Scarpetta, a well-respected playwright in Naples. Her father was actually married since 1876 to Rosa De Filippo, Luisa's paternal aunt. Her father Eduardo had several other illegitimate children from various affairs (including actors Ernesto Murolo, Eduardo Passarelli and Pasquale De Filippo). Titina and her two brothers became known as "Children of the buttons" since their mother was a seamstress to his company: apart from Titina, they include actor Peppino De Filippo and playwright and director Eduardo De Filippo. [2] She was married to actor Pietro Carloni and they had one son, Augusto Carloni. The actress Ester Carloni was her husband's sister. Her brother Peppino was married to Adelina (or Adele) Carloni, another of her husband's siblings.

Titina De Filippo studied music and learned French as a child. She made her stage debut at the age of seven. [2]


De Filippo in Cani e gatti (1952) Titina De Filippo 1952.jpg
De Filippo in Cani e gatti (1952)
De Filippo in Cani e gatti (1952) Titina De Filippo 1952b.jpg
De Filippo in Cani e gatti (1952)
Titina De Filippo with her brother Eduardo in 100 Years of Love (1954) Centoanni defilippo-ed+tit.jpg
Titina De Filippo with her brother Eduardo in 100 Years of Love (1954)

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