Title in Limbo

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Title in Limbo
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Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 1983
RecordedMarch 1981, October 1983
Label Ralph
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Title in Limbo
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Tittle in Limo
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Title in Limbo is an album by The Residents in collaboration with Renaldo and the Loaf, released in 1983 on Ralph Records. Guest performers include Snakefinger (guitar and violin), and vocalist Nessie Lessons.


The album was originally recorded during four days in 1981, when Renaldo and The Loaf were on vacation in San Francisco, but they were unable to finish the album before the duo went home. In 1983, during a time of financial crisis in the Residents' quarters, the half-finished album, with its gentle, tuneful sound, seemed like a financial lifeline, so the Residents decided to put vocals on the tracks and ready the album for release. Dave "The Loaf" Janssen was unable to get time off from work and just sent some tapeloops. Brian Poole ("Renaldo M.") came to San Francisco to sing, and also participated in the instrumental overdubs.

"Monkey and Bunny" from the album was performed live during The Residents' 13th Anniversary Tour; additionally, "The Shoe Salesman" was included in the setlist of the group's 2002 Demons Dance Alone tour.

The original release was on vinyl. During the late 1980s some of the songs were released on compilation CDs or as CD bonus tracks on the first CD issue of Not Available, and the full album was reissued as a limited-edition CD in 1998.

Track listing

All tracks are written by The Residents and Renaldo & The Loaf.

Side one
1."Intro: Version"1:23
2."The Shoe Salesman"4:10
4."Monkey and Bunny"5:00
5."Mahogany Wood"4:14
Side two
6."Sitting on the Sand"1:29
7."Africa Tree"3:00
8."Woman's Weapon"3:23
9."Horizontal Logic"1:57
10."The Sailor Song"6:05
11."Extra: Version"2:26
Total length:34:46

2017 CD reissue

The album was reissued by Klanggalerie in 2017 as a deluxe edition containing a second disc titled 4 Daze – the original 1981 demo that served as the basis for Title in Limbo.

Disc Two – 4 Daze
2."Long Song"4:27
4."Disco Surry"1:20
6."Self Playing"4:09
8."Mel 1"1:11
9."Mel 2"4:20
10."Dog Song"0:59
11."Piano Banger"1:13
12."Cont 1-12"1:42
13."Funny Song"0:45
15."Guitar Loop"1:27
16."Hiss End"2:11
Total length:34:06


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