Tito Alonso

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Tito Alonso
Years active1940 - 1979

Tito Alonso (1926–1979) was an Argentine film actor.



Alonso entered film in 1940 at the age of 14 in El Inglés de los güesos

In 1947 he appeared in A sangre fría . Alonso worked consistently in Argentine film throughout the 1950s, 60s and 1970s appearing in the 1964 popular film Aconcagua amongst many others.

Alonso also appeared in the 1974 film Agentes Secretos Contra Guante Verde .

He made a number of appearances on TV in Argentina in the late 1960s and 1970s until his premature death in 1979 aged 53.



  • The Englishman of the Bones (1940)
  • White Eagle (1941)
  • Los chicos crecen (1942, aka The Kids Grow Up) (International: English title)
  • Malambo (1942)
  • María Celeste (1945)
  • Éramos seis (1945)
  • Savage Pampas (1945) - Chango
  • El Misterio del cuarto amarillo (1947)
  • A sangre fría (1947, aka In Cold Blood) (International: English title: informal literal title) - Hijo del Dr. Morel
  • Mis cinco hijos (1948)
  • Apenas un delincuente (1949) ... aka Hardly a Criminal (International: English title) - Carlos Moran
  • From Man to Man (1949)



  • Interpol llamando a Río (1961)
  • Une blonde comme ça (1962, aka A Blonde Like That) (International: English title)
  • Aconcagua (1964)
  • Canuto Cañete y los 40 ladrones (1964)
  • Psique y sexo (1965)
  • Los Tímidos visten de gris (1965)
  • La Buena vida (1966)
  • Romeo y Julieta (1966, TV Movie)
  • Turismo de carretera (1968)
  • Un Pacto con los brujos (1969, TV Series) - Commissary Ferreyra


  • Nino, las cosas simples de la vida (1971, TV Series) (aka Nino) (Argentina: short title) - Donato
  • Juan Manuel de Rosas (1972) - Pedro de Angelis
  • Nino (1972) (aka Las Cosas simples de la vida) (Argentina)
  • La Mala vida (1973) - Sheriff
  • Agentes Secretos Contra Guante Verde (1974)
  • Novia de vacaciones (1979, TV Series) - Carmelo

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