Tito Celani

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Tito Celani
Personal information
Date of birth(1921-02-18)February 18, 1921
Place of birth Milan, Italy
Position(s) Midfielder
Senior career*
1940–1941 Ambrosiana-Inter 0 (0)
1941–1943 Gallaratese
1945–1946 Ascoli
1946–1947 Internazionale 3 (0)
1947–1949 Lecce 77 (34)
1949–1953 Sanremese
1953–1954 Siracusa 14 (3)
1954–1955 Annunziata Ceccano
1955–1956 Savona 28 (17)
1956–1957 Imperia
1957–1958 Andrea Doria 1955
*Club domestic league appearances and goals

Tito Celani (born February 18, 1921, date of death unknown) was an Italian professional football player.

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