Tito Puente Amphitheatre

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Tito Puente Amphitheatre
Tito Puente Amphitheatre
LocationRoosevelt Ave.
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Owner San Juan Municipality
Operator San Juan Municipality
Capacity 3,000

The Tito Puente Amphitheatre (or Anfiteatro Tito Puente in Spanish) is a concert amphitheater in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is named after the late mambo musician and percussionist Tito Puente. It was previously named "Luis Muñoz Marín Amphitheatre" (or Anfiteatro Luis Muñoz Marín")

The amphitheatre is a frequent spot for concerts of all kinds of music. [1] It hosts the Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Festival each year. It is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico adjacent to the Roberto Clemente Coliseum and the Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

After a brief closure due to damages caused by Hurricane Maria, the amphitheatre opened in mid December 2017 with a concert by Circo, and other artists with Corona Fest x Nuestra Playas (Corona Fest for our Beaches). [2]

In December 2021, Latin Jazz musician, Eddie Palmieri performed at the amphitheatre [3] and in June 2022, Bad Bunny and Buscabulla performed in concert there. [4]

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Jobos Beach or Playa Jobos is a beach facing the Atlantic Ocean located on the PR-466 street of Isabela in the northwest of Puerto Rico. While popular, the beach is dangerous and signs warning tourists of dangerous currents were installed in early 2021.


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