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Héctor Marcelo "Tito" Speranza is an Argentine personal trainer and actor of theater and television. [1]



Speranza finished his studies in the technical school Confederación Suiza.

Speranza rose to fame in 2011, due to his participation in the 7th season of Bailando por un Sueño , hosted by Marcelo Tinelli. In this program, he went through different styles of dancing with partner Nadia Hair. He made it to the final, but lost to Hernán Piquín (professional dancer and actor) and Noelia Pompa. [2]

Speranza made a brief replacement for Beto César and Melina Creco (famous tango dancer) in the 8th season of the same competition. [3]

Speranza acted in theater for the first time in Despedida de Solteros (2011), with Nazarena Vélez, Paula Chaves and Pedro Alfonso. [4] Later, Speranza had a role in the comedy Viaje de Locura, in Villa Carlos Paz. It premiered in the "Holiday" theater.



2011 Bailando 2011 ConcursantRunner-up
2012 Concubinos QuiqueSpecial appearance
2012 Bailando 2012 Concursant replacementGala 10
2012 Sábado Show Official refereeSegment: "¿Cuál es tu Récord?"
2014 Combate Coach of Red Teamseason 1
2014–2018Coach of the teams
2014 Bailando 2014 Celebrity guest by Pedro AlfosnsoGala 8
2015 Bailando 2015 Celebrity guest by Ailen BecharaGala 9
2017 Bailando 2017 Celebrity guest by Christian SanchoGala 4
2022 Turno Tarde Physical education teacher


2014 Bañeros 4: Los Rompeolas El TitoSpecial appearance

Personal life

Speranza married personal trainer and former bodybuilder, Marcela Villagra on December 7, 2012, in San Benito's church, Palermo, Buenos Aires. [5]

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