Titograd District

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Titograd District
Titogradski srez
Титоградски срез
District of Montenegro
CountryFlag of Montenegro.svg  Montenegro
Administrative centre Titograd
  Commissioner n/a
Municipalities 7
- Cities and towns 7

The Titograd District (Montenegrin : Титоградски срез, translit. Titogradski srez) was a former district within Montenegro. The administrative centre of the Titograd District was Titograd (modern-day Podgorica)

Montenegrin is the normative variety of the Serbo-Croatian language mainly used by Montenegrins and the official language of Montenegro. Montenegrin is based on the most widespread dialect of Serbo-Croatian, Shtokavian, more specifically on Eastern Herzegovinian, which is also the basis of Standard Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian.

Montenegro Republic in Southeastern Europe

Montenegro is a country in Southeastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It borders Bosnia and Herzegovina to the north; Serbia and Kosovo to the east, Albania to the south and Croatia to the west. Montenegro has an area of 13,812 square kilometres and a population of 678,000, most of whom are Orthodox Christians. Its capital Podgorica is one of the twenty-three municipalities in the country. Cetinje is designated as the Old Royal Capital.

Podgorica City in Montenegro

Podgorica is the capital and largest city of Montenegro.



The district encompassed the municipalities of:


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Filip Vujanović montenegrin politician

Filip Vujanović is a Montenegrin politician who served as the President of Montenegro from 2003 to 2018. He was the country's first president since its independence in June 2006. He claimed a landslide victory in the April 2008 presidential election, and he was narrowly re-elected in 2013.

Knez (singer) Montenegrin singer

Nenad Knežević, better known by his stagename Knez, is a Montenegrin vocalist and musician, based in Belgrade, Serbia. He represented Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. From 1995 to 2013 he was married to Ninoslava Knežević, with whom he has two daughters.

Radio Crne Gore is a radio station in Montenegro. It is part of Radio Televizija Crne Gore. Radio Crne Gore broadcasts from Podgorica.

RTCG television channel

Radio and Television of Montenegro is the public service broadcaster of Montenegro. A state-owned company with its headquarters in Podgorica, it is made up of Radio Montenegro and Montenegro Television. In July 2001, RTCG became a joint member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), and became a full member of the EBU upon the declaration of Montenegrin independence in 2006.

University of Montenegro university located in Podgorica, Montenegro

The University of Montenegro is a national public research university of Montenegro, located in the country's capital Podgorica. It was founded in 1974 and it is currently organized in 19 faculties.

Montenegrin First League mens association football top division of Montenegro

The First League of Montenegro is the top football league in Montenegro. It is headed by the Football Association of Montenegro. 10 teams participate in this league. The winner of the Montenegrin First League starts the qualifications for the UEFA Champions League from the second round. The second placed team and the National Cup winner play in the qualifying rounds of the UEFA Europa League. The last placed team are relegated to the Montenegrin Second League, and the two others are playing in Montenegrin First League playoffs.

OFK Titograd association football club in Montenegro

OFK Titograd is a professional football club based in Podgorica, Montenegro. Founded in 1951, they play in the First League of Montenegro. The team has one league trophy and two Montenegrin Cup trophies. OFK Titograd is a member of the European Club Association.

JAT Airways Flight 769 Aviation accident

A domestic JAT Yugoslav Airlines flight, carried out by a Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle 6-N, was nearing its end completing a scheduled domestic Flight JU 769 from Skopje, SR Macedonia to Titograd, SR Montenegro when it crashed into Maganik mountain killing all 41 passengers and crew, along with the aircraft being written off.

The Montenegrin Cup is the national football cup played in Montenegro. The winner of the cup is awarded a spot in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League if they have not already gained a spot in the UEFA Champions League. If this were to happen the runners-up would take the winners spot.

Republic of Montenegro (1992–2006) federal unit of Yugoslavia/Serbia & Montenegro between 1992 and 2006

The Republic of Montenegro was a constituent federated state of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia between 1992 and 2006. The declaration of independence of Montenegro in 2006 ended Yugoslavia.

The University of Montenegro Faculty of Economics is one of the educational institutions of the University of Montenegro. The building is located in Podgorica, next to the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Political Sciences building. The Podgorica School of Economics is Montenegro's leading educational institution in business end economics.

The University of Montenegro Faculty of Philosophy is one of the educational institutions of the University of Montenegro. The building is located in Nikšić, close to the city center.

The University of Montenegro Faculty of Law, also known as the Podgorica Law School, is one of the educational institutions of the University of Montenegro. Its main building is located in Podgorica and is shared with the University's Faculty of Political Sciences. The Faculty is Montenegro's leading law school.

ŽS series 412

The JŽ class 412/416 is an electric multiple unit built for Yugoslav Railways. The units are now used by Serbian Railways, Macedonian Railways and Montenegro Railways.

Radio Cetinje

Radio Cetinje is the public radio station in Cetinje, Montenegro. It is the oldest electronic broadcaster in Montenegro, founded on 27 November 1944. Radio Cetinje is part of RTV Cetinje and operates via FM and Internet.

Miloš Bakrač is a Montenegrin professional footballer who plays for OFK Titograd in the Montenegrin First League and the Montenegro national football team.

Mladen Bojanić Montenegrin politician

Mladen Bojanić is a Montenegrin economist, politician and former MP. He was one of the founders and former secretary general of Positive Montenegro (PCG) political party.

Ivan Brajović Montenegrin politician

Ivan Brajović is a Montenegrin politician, current President of the Parliament of Montenegro and former Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs in Government of Montenegro. He is the founder and current president of the Social Democrats of Montenegro (SD).

The 2018–19 Montenegrin Cup is the 12th edition of the football tournament in Montenegro. The cup began on 28 August 2018. The winners of this competition will earn a place in the UEFA Europa League.