Titti Maartmann

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Titti Maartmann
Personal information
Born27 September 1920
Died18 September 2018(2018-09-18) (aged 97)
Oslo, Norway
OccupationBusiness owner

Titti Astri Maartmann (27 September 1920 – 18 September 2018) [1] was a Norwegian luger who competed in the late 1930s. She won a gold medal in the women's singles event at the 1937 European luge championships in Oslo, Norway. [2] Living an active life, she still played golf at age 97. [3]

Her uncles were soccer players Erling Maartmann and Rolf Maartmann. Her great-grandfather was Norwegian politician Knud Geelmuyden Fleischer Maartmann. Her grandfather was Harald Sigvart Maartmann, the first Executive Director of Ringnes.

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Titti may refer to:

Maartmann is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

The People of Juvik is a series of six historical novels by Norwegian author Olav Duun. The books chronicle the lives of the Juvikings, an old Norwegian landowning peasant family living in the Namdal valley. The series covers six or seven generations of Juvikings, starting with Per Anders Juvika, the last of the old style Juvikings, and ending with Per and Anders, the sons of Odin Setran, Per Anders' great-great-great grandfather. The first novel, The Trough of the Wave, starts out at Juvik, a fictional farm in the Namdal, but moves to Haaberg when Per Anders' son Per leaves his ancestral lands and buys his sister's late husband's farm. The first three books follow the Juvikings from the 18th century to the late 19th; the final three follow the childhood, life and eventually death of Odin.

Knud Geelmuyden Fleischer Maartmann (1821–1888) was a Norwegian politician.

Astri Sverdrup Rynning was a Norwegian judge and politician representing the Conservative Party. She served as a Member of Parliament 1965–1969; originally elected as a deputy member, she became an MP when Kåre Willoch was appointed to Cabinet. She was a member of the Standing Committee on Justice during her term.

Astri Welhaven Heiberg was a Norwegian painter, best known for her portraits of female nudes and landscapes.

Astri Riddervold was a Norwegian chemist and ethnologist, educator, cook and writer. She is particularly known for her dissemination of food culture and food traditions. Her speciality was ancient food preservation. Riddervold was born in Haugesund, and was educated in both chemistry and ethnology. She was awarded Ingrid Espelid Hovigs matkulturpris in 1995.