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Tiutiunnyk is a Ukrainian-language surname. It is an occupational surname derived from the occupation related to growing/manufacturing/selling tobacco (tiutiun, тютюн in Ukrainian).

The surname may refer to:

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Kozlov or Kozlova is a Russian surname. It derives from the sobriquet "козёл". Notable people with the surname include:

Kotlyarevsky is a surname of Ukrainian origin. The known persons are:

Bondar is a common surname of East Slavic origin meaning "cooper". It may refer to following people which first name starts with:

Kravchenko, also Krawchenko, Krawczenko or Kravtchenko is a common Ukrainian surname, widely found in the former Soviet Union and respective diasporas abroad. It is an occupational surname of patronymic derivation, based on the occupation of kravets (кравець), or 'tailor' and literally meaning "child of tailor". Other Ukrainian surnames of similar derivation are Kravchuk and Kravets.

Zvenigora is a 1928 Soviet silent film by Ukrainian director Alexander Dovzhenko, first shown on April 13, 1928. This was the fourth film by Dovzhenko, but the first one which was widely reviewed and discussed in the media. This was also the last film by Dovzhenko for which he was not the sole scriptwriter.

Vovk is a surname of Ukrainian origin that means wolf. The name is believed to have originated at the Rurikid court of Kievan Rus' in the ninth century. It currently predominates among East and South Slavs in Ukraine, Belarus, Slovenia, and Croatia. Notable people with the surname include:

Ukrainian War of Independence

The Ukrainian War of Independence, a period of sustained warlike conflict, lasted from 1917 to 1921 and resulted in the establishment and development of a Ukrainian republic – later a part of the Soviet Union as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of 1922–1991. The war consisted of a series of military conflicts between different governmental, political and military forces. Belligerents included Ukrainian nationalists, anarchists, Bolsheviks, the forces of Germany and Austria-Hungary, the White Russian Volunteer Army, and Second Polish Republic forces. They struggled for control of Ukraine after the February Revolution in the Russian Empire. The Allied forces of Romania and France also became involved. The struggle lasted from February 1917 to November 1921 and resulted in the division of Ukraine between the Bolshevik Ukrainian SSR, Poland, Romania, and Czechoslovakia. The conflict is frequently viewed within the framework of the Russian Civil War of 1917–1922, as well as the closing stage of the Eastern Front of the First World War of 1914–1918.

Rogan is an Irish surname, deriving from the Irish Ó Ruadhagáin.

Yuriy Tyutyunnyk Ukrainian general

Yuriy (Yurko) Yosipovich Tyutyunnyk was a general of the Ukrainian People's Army of the Ukrainian People's Republic (UNR) during the Ukrainian–Soviet War.

The First Winter Campaign was a campaign between the army of the Ukrainian People's Republic (UNR) and bolshevik forces in Ukraine during the Ukrainian-Soviet War. It began on December 6, 1919, and lasted until May 6, 1920.

The Second Winter Campaign was a failed military campaign by the Ukrainian National Army in October and November 1921 against Bolsheviks. It was the last campaign of the Ukrainian armed forces in post-World War I attempt to achieve independence of Ukraine.

Shevchuk, Shewchuk, Schewchuk, Ševčuk, Sevcuk, Szewczuk, or Chevchuk is a widespread Ukrainian surname. It is derived from the Ukrainian word shvets, "cobbler/shoemaker", and the suffix -uk, denoting descent. It may refer to the following individuals:

Ukrainian names are given names that originated in Ukraine. In addition to the given names, Ukrainians also have patronymic and family names.

Rybak, sometimes written Ribak or Ryback) is a name and a surname meaning "fisherman" in Belarusian, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian. It may refer to:

By the 18th century almost all Ukrainians had family names. Most Ukrainian surnames are formed by adding possessive and other suffixes to given names, place names, professions and other words.

Kukhar is a Ukrainian language occupational surname literally meaning "the cook".

Hryhoriy Mykhailovych Tiutiunnyk was a Ukrainian lyric poet, writer.

Kovalyuk or Kovaliuk, Kavalchuk, Kowaliuk (Polish) is a common East Slavic surname, similar to Kovalchuk in origin and usage.

Antonenko or Antonenka is a gender-neutral Ukrainian surname that may refer to