Tjejer & snubbar

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Åh vad jag älskade dig just då
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Studio album by
Released22 March 1999
Genre Dansband music
Length48 minutes
Label Nordiska musikgruppen
Lotta Engbergs chronology
Håll om mig nu
Åh vad jag älskade dig just då
Stanna en stund

Tjejer & snubbar, also known as Tjejer & snubbar, kärringar & gubbar, was released in March 1999 and is a studio album from Swedish dansband Lotta Engbergs. The album peaked at #50 at the Swedish album chart.


The song Tjejer & snubbar, kärringar & gubbar, which is on this album and was written by Bo Fransson, entered the Swedish hitlist Svensktoppen on 8 May 1999, with the third place in the first round as best result. On 26 June 1999 the song was "knocked out" from Svensktoppen after seven rounds. The song Tjejer & snubbar, kärringar & gubbar uses a "humorist" and "happy" way to talk about getting older. A children's choir was used in the refrains of that song. The album reached the 50th place at the Swedish album chart.

Track listing

1."Tjejer & snubbar, kärringar & gubbar" Ulf Georgsson, Bo Fransson  ?
2."Stanna en stund" Torbjörn Karlström  ?
3."Inget mera regn" Tommy Kaså  ?
4."Vi grälar och vi älskar" ("I Hate You then I Love You") Tony Renis, Manuel De Falla, Alberto Testa, Fabio Testa, Norman Newell, Peter Åhs  ?
5."Börja dagen med en sång" Gert Lengstrand, Lasse Holm  ?
6."Ingen jag älskar som dig" Thomas G:son  ?
7."Undrar du som jag" Jaana Vähämäki, Henrik Sethsson  ?
8."Allt och lite till" Jörgen Persson, Jörgen Andersson  ?
9."Som gjorda för varann" Jörgen Persson, Jörgen Andersson  ?
10."Vad dom än säger (No Matter What)" Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jim Steinman, Lars Sahlin  ?
11."Allt man kan önska sig" Mårten Eriksson  ?
12."Du är min stjärna" Pär Renevall, Anders Löfgren, Lars Sandberg  ?
13."Caroline" Per-Anders Forsén  ?
14."Så Solen tittar fram igen" Pernilla Emme  ?

Chart positions

Chart (1999)Peak position
Sweden 50 [1]

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