Tjokorda Raka Sukawati

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Tjokorda Raka Sukawati
Born(1931-05-03)3 May 1931
Died11 November 2014(2014-11-11) (aged 83)
NationalityFlag of Indonesia.svg  Indonesia
Alma mater Bandung Institute of Technology (B.Eng.) [1]
Gadjah Mada University (Dr) [2]
Occupation Engineer
Known forInvented Sosrobahu

Tjokorda Raka Sukawati (May 3, 1931 – November 11, 2014) was an Indonesian engineer who invented Sosrobahu. He was born and died in Ubud, Bali, and in 2019 was conferred honorary T. Washington Fellow in science posthumously. [3] [4]

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Tjokorda Ngurah Wim Sukawati, was the eldest son of President of the State of East Indonesia and former `King´ of Ubud Tjokorda Gde Raka Soekawati and his wife Gusti Agung Niang Putu. His title Tjokorda Gde indicates that Sukawati belonged to the highest ksatria.

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