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Tjotter "Hou Moed" from 1887 in the Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen Zuiderzee museum - tjotter - hou moed 1887.jpg
Tjotter "Hou Moed" from 1887 in the Zuiderzeemuseum

A tjotter is the smallest of the open round Fries sailing ships with a length on the stern exceeding 5.4 metres (17 ft 9 in).

The ship has no roundwood and it has a wide helm. The head of the rudder is usually decorated with a sculpture, sometimes in the form of a bird.

Originally, the tjotter was used in Friesland for small-scale transport of goods and people at a time that there were only few roads. A tjotter with the size 4.8 by 2.4 metres (15 ft 9 in × 7 ft 10 in) in Friesland is called a "fjouwer-yacht". At the wharf of Pier Piersma, fjouwer-yachts are still commonly built.

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