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Tjust has an extensive coastal archipelago on the Baltic Sea. LA2-Tjust.png
Tjust has an extensive coastal archipelago on the Baltic Sea.

Tjust (Swedish pronunciation:  [ˈɕʉːst] ) [1] was one of the small lands of Småland, Sweden. It was divided into the hundreds of Tjust Northern Hundred and Tjust Southern Hundred. It corresponds to Västervik Municipality and the southern part of Valdemarsvik Municipality.

The small lands of Smaland. The black and red spots indicate runestones. The red spots indicate runestones telling of long voyages. Map of landscape Smaland Sweden.jpg
The small lands of Småland. The black and red spots indicate runestones. The red spots indicate runestones telling of long voyages.

Early attestations

In his 500s Getica, Jordanes mentions a Scandinavian tribe theustes, possibly the inhabitants of Tjust. Tjust is also mentioned in the dative singular þiusti on the Södermanland runic inscription 40 from the 1000s. In the 1103 Florens list, it is also found in the Latin form Teuste. [2]

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Tannefors is a city district in Linköping, Sweden. It lies just east of the city center, opposite Stångån. The district's eastern parts are dominated by Saab AB, surrounding industries and Linköping Airport. In Tannefors there is a hold point for trains on the Tjust line and Stångådal line. There is a local football team called Tannefors IF. The schools Kungsbergsskolan and Tanneforsskolan are located here.

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Socken is the name used for a part of a county in Sweden. In Denmark similar areas are known as sogn, in Norway sokn or sogn and in Finland pitäjä/socken. A socken is a country-side area that was formed around a church, typically in the Middle Ages. A socken originally served as a parish. Later it also served as a civil parish or an administrative parish, and became a predecessor to today's municipalities of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Today it is a traditional area with frozen borders, in Sweden typically identical to those of the early 20th century country-side parishes. The socken also served as a registration unit for buildings, in Sweden recently replaced by identical districts as registration unit. A socken consists of several villages and industry localities, and is typically named after the main village and the original church.


Casimirsborg is a country house just south of Gamleby, Småland, Sweden. It is situated on Gamlebyviken lake and was built in 1829 in the so-called neoclassical Tjust empire style, after the original 17th-century mansion was destroyed by fire.


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