Tjuvarnas jul

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Tjuvarnas jul
Genre children
Created by Stefan Roos
Per Simonsson
Developed byStefan Roos, Per Simonsson
Written byStefan Roos, Per Simonsson
Directed byStefan Roos, Per Simonsson
Starring Tea Stjärne
Gustaf Hammarsten
Elisabet Carlsson
Claes Månsson
Narrated byStefan Roos
Composers Håkan Eriksson
Jonatan Järpehag
Magnus Ringblom
Country of originSweden
Original languageSwedish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes24
Production company SVT
Original network SVT1
Original release1 December (2011-12-01) 
24 December 2011 (2011-12-24)

Tjuvarnas jul (The Thieves' Christmas) was the 2011 SVT Christmas calendar broadcast from 124 December by Sveriges Television. The plot focuses on a thief named Kurre and his little daughter Charlie. It has a style reminiscent of Charles Dickens's stories.



The series is set in Stockholm during the 19th century. [1] Kurre feeds entirely on stealing. He is involved in a gang of thieves led by the evil old woman Madame Bofvén. He lives alone in a loft, until a little girl named Ing-Britt (later renamed Charlie by Madame Bofvén) who is his daughter shows up outside his door. During the series, they approach each other as father and daughter, while Madame Bofvén planning to rob the big department store and the police seek diligently after the thieves. As if that were not enough the store owner seems to have an illicit secret.



A freestanding feature-length film is in production to premiere in late 2014.

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Swedish Television's Christmas calendar or Swedish Television's Advent calendar is a Christmas calendar TV series mainly for children, broadcast by Sveriges Television since 1960 and has developed into an essential part of contemporary Swedish Christmas tradition.

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Sveriges Radio's Christmas Calendar is an annual series of pre-Christmas children's programmes produced and broadcast by Sveriges Radio in the form of a radio advent calendar. The first series – entitled Barnens adventskalender – was broadcast in 1957.

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