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Tkachenko (Ukrainian : Ткаченко) is a common Ukrainian surname. Tkachenko is the central and eastern Ukrainian version of the western Ukrainian surname Tkachuk, meaning "weaver". Like other Ukrainian names ending in -ko or -chenko, their heritage is rooted in the Polyans tribe that lived near modern-day Kyiv.

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Shevchenko, a family name of Ukrainian origin. It is derived from the Ukrainian word shvets, "cobbler/shoemaker", and the suffix -enko, denoting descent.

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Zaytsev or Zaitsev is a common Russian last name. It stems from the word заяц and is related to the Slovak/Polish surname Zajac and to the Bulgarian/Macedonian surname Zaychev or Zaytchev (Зайчев). Zaytseva or Zaitseva (За́йцева) are the feminine versions of this surname.

Kravchenko, also Krawchenko, Krawczenko or Kravtchenko is a common Ukrainian surname, widely found in the former Soviet Union and respective diasporas abroad. It is an occupational surname of patronymic derivation, based on the occupation of kravets (кравець), or 'tailor' and literally meaning "child of tailor". Other Ukrainian surnames of similar derivation are Kravchuk and Kravets.

Tkachuk, Tkaczuk, or Tkatchuk is a common Ukrainian surname in Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora. The name in Ukrainian stands for the name of occupation, weaver. The names that end in -chuk or -czuk are of the western Ukrainian origin. Notable people with the surname include:

Popović or Popovich or Popovitch is a common Serbian, Russian, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Romanian, Croatian, Ukrainian and Belarusian surname, and sometimes a patronymic meaning son of a priest.

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Kovalenko is a very common Ukrainian surname.

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Pavlenko is a patronymic surname of Ukrainian origin. The surname is a derivative of the given name Pavlo.

Volodymyr Tkachenko may refer to:

Sokolovsky is a masculine Russian surname, with feminine form Sokolovskaya. Derived from the word sokol, "falcon". Polish form: Sokołowski, Lithianian: Sakalauskas, Latvian: Sokolovskis, Belarusian: Sakałoŭski/Sakalowski.

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