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Prince of Tenochtitlan
SpousePrincess Matlalxochtzin
FatherEmperor Acamapichtli
MotherQueen Huitzilxotzin

Tlatolqaca ( Loudspeaker.svg modern Nahuatl pronunciation  ) was an Aztec prince, son of Emperor Acamapichtli and Queen Huitzilxotzin, grandson of Princess Atotoztli I, half-brother of Emperors Huitzilihuitl and Itzcoatl, an uncle of Chimalpopoca and Moctezuma I. [1]

He married Princess Matlalxochtzin and couple had three sons:


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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Cuitláhuac</span> Tenth Tlatoani of Tenochtitlan

Cuitláhuac or Cuitláhuac was the 10th Huey Tlatoani (emperor) of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan for 80 days during the year Two Flint (1520). He is credited with leading the resistance to the Spanish and Tlaxcalteca conquest of the Mexica Empire, following the death of his kinsman Moctezuma II.

Domingo Francisco de San Antón Muñón Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin, usually referred to simply as Chimalpahin or Chimalpain, was a Nahua annalist from Chalco. His Nahuatl names mean "Runs Swiftly with a Shield" and "Rising Eagle", respectively, and he claimed descent from the lords of Tenango-Amecameca-Chalco. He was the grandson of the late Don Domingo Hernández Ayopochtzin, a seventh-generation descendant of the founding king of the polity. Don Domingo was learned and esteemed, especially for his education and his record-keeping skills in the ancient tradition.

Cacamatzin was a 15th-century Aztec noble — the eldest son of the cihuacoatl, Tlacaelel — and warrior who held the title of Tlacochcalcatl. His mother was princess Maquiztzin.

Tlacacuitlahuatzin was the first ruler of Tiliuhcan, a pre-Columbian Tepanec altepetl near Tlacopan.

Huehue Zaca or Çaca, also Zacatzin, was a 15th-century Aztec noble, prince and a warrior who served as tlacateccatl under the ruler Moctezuma I, his brother. The name of Zaca is probably derived from Nahuatl zacatl, meaning "grass"; -tzin is an honorific or reverential suffix. Huehue is Nahuatl for "the elder", literally "old man".

Matlalxochtzin was a daughter of Tlacacuitlahuatzin, the first tlatoani (ruler) of Tiliuhcan, one of the polities (altepetl) of the Tepanec people in the Valley of Mexico during the Late Postclassic period of Mesoamerican chronology. She was born in Tiliuhcan after her father had been elevated as tlatoani—his father Huehuetzin had been leader in Tiliuhcan but was only of eagle warrior rank.

Tezcatlan Miyahuatzin was the second Queen of Tenochtitlan.

Opochtli Iztahuatzin was a husband of Princess Atotoztli I, daughter of the King Coxcoxtli of Culhuacan. He was a father of the first ruler of Tenochtitlan, Acamapichtli, and grandfather of Kings Huitzilihuitl and Itzcoatl.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Atotoztli I</span>

Atotoztli I was a Princess of Culhuacan.

Coxcoxtli was a king of city-state Culhuacán.

Huitzilxotzin was a Queen of Tenochtitlan as a wife of Aztec emperor Acamapichtli. She was a daughter of Tenqacatetl and mother of Prince Tlatolqaca. She was a grandmother of Princes Cahualtzin, Tetlepanquetzatzin and Tecatlapohuatzin.

Xiuhcuetzin was a Queen of Tenochtitlan as a wife of Aztec emperor Acamapichtli. She was a daughter of Ahatl and mother of Prince Quatlecoatl.

Matlalxoch was an Aztec princess, the only daughter of Emperor Acamapichtli. She was a half-sister of Emperors Huitzilihuitl and Itzcoatl and half-aunt of Emperors Chimalpopoca and Moctezuma I. She is mentioned by Chimalpahin.

Quatlecoatl was an Aztec prince, son of Emperor Acamapichtli and Queen Xiuhcuetzin, half-brother of Emperors Huitzilihuitl and Itzcoatl, an uncle of Chimalpopoca and Moctezuma I.

Maquiztzin was the daughter of the Aztec Tlatoque (ruler) Huehue Quetzalmacatzin and Tlacocihuatzin Ilama, in 15th-century Mesoamerica.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tzihuacxochitzin I</span> Queen consort of Azcapotzalco

Tzihuacxochitzin I was a Queen consort of Azcapotzalco as a wife of the king Tezozomoc, who was very famous.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Itzquauhtzin</span>

Itzquauhtzin was a king (tlatoani) of Nahua altepetl Tlatelolco. He was mentioned in Chimalpahin Codex.

Tayatzin was a king of Tepanec city of Azcapotzalco in Mexico. He is also called Quetzalayatzin.

Huehue Quetzalmacatzin was a tlatoani (ruler) of Amaquemecan in 15th-century Mesoamerica.

Tlacuilolxochtzin was an Aztec noblewoman of very noble heritage, Lady of Ecatepec and sister of queen Tlapalizquixochtzin.