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Hill Kusá Hora near Tlmače
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Location in Slovakia
Coordinates: 48°17′16″N18°31′52″E / 48.28778°N 18.53111°E / 48.28778; 18.53111
Region Nitra
District Levice
First mentioned1075
  MayorMiroslav Považan
  Total4.64 [1]  km2 (1.79 [1]  sq mi)
189 [2]  m (620 [2]  ft)
  Total3,618 [3]
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
  Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
935 21 [2]
Area code +421 36 [2]
Car plate LV

Tlmače is a town and municipality in the Levice District in the Nitra Region of Slovakia.



In historical records the town was first mentioned in 1075 as Talmach. It has town status since 1986. From 1986 to 1994 the villages of Malé Kozmálovce and Veľké Kozmálovce were part of the town.


The town lies at an altitude of 175 metres and covers an area of 4,642 km2 (1,792 sq mi). It has a population of about 3,500 people.


According to the 2001 census, the town had 4,305 inhabitants. 96.10% of inhabitants were Slovaks, 1.42% Hungarians, 1.02% Czechs and 0.53% Roma. [4] The religious make-up was 72.45% Roman Catholics, 17.44% people with no religious affiliation, and 5.46% Lutherans. [4]


The town has a public library, a cinema, a gym and football stadium. Adding to the facilities, the town has a motocross track. It has a pharmacy and doctor's surgery and a specialized outpatient facility for adolescents and children. The town has a number of food and general stores and a petrol station.

The town has its own birth registry office and police force. It is also connected by railway.

Sports and cultural events

Every year the town in the month of May organizes a Marathon known as TLMAČSKA Dvadsaťpäťka (Tlmače 25). The following event would be now known as TLMAČSKÝ POLMARATÓN (Tlmače Half Marathon). Marathon runners that also includes professionals take active part in this event. [5]

The town has its own football club known as SPARTAK TLMAČE. [6]

Every year in the month of June the town also organizes a theatre festival known as TLMAČSKE ČINOHRANIE. This event is a three-day event in which amateur theatre groups from different cities of Slovakia actively participate.

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