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Tlsta a Ostra (Velka Fatra).jpg
Tlstá (left) and Ostrá (right) mountains
Highest point
Elevation 1,373.3 m (4,506 ft)
Coordinates 48°56′28″N19°05′22″E / 48.94111°N 19.08944°E / 48.94111; 19.08944 Coordinates: 48°56′28″N19°05′22″E / 48.94111°N 19.08944°E / 48.94111; 19.08944
Etymology fat in Slovak
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Red triangle with thick white border.svg
Location in Slovakia
Location Martin, Žilina, Slovakia
Parent range Greater Fatra
Mountain type limestone and dolomite

Tlstá (meaning fat in Slovak) is a mountain in the Bralná Fatra part of the Greater Fatra Range, measuring 1,373.3 m (4,506 ft). It is located over the Turiec Valley, rising steeply nearly 1,000 m (3,300 ft) above the valley bottom. It has rugged slopes with many rock spires and rock terraces under the grass-covered summit. With its well-preserved forests, rare plants and many karst caves in the massif, the mountain and its surrounding area were declared a National Nature Reserve in 1981, covering an area of 30.66 km2 (11.84 sq mi). Together with the opposite Ostrá Mountain and Gader Valley beneath them, they create one of the most valuable and picturesque parts of the Greater Fatra Range.

Slovak language language spoken in Slovakia

Slovak or less frequently Slovakian is a West Slavic language. It is called slovenský jazyk or slovenčina in the language itself.

Turiec region in central Slovakia

Turiec is a region in central Slovakia. Turiec is an informal designation of the territory, but it is also the name of one of the 21 official tourism regions of Slovakia. The region is not an administrative division in its own right, but between the late 11th century and 1920 it was an administrative county of the Kingdom of Hungary,.

Ostrá (Veľká Fatra) mountain in Slovakia, Velká Fatra

Ostrá is a mountain in the Greater Fatra Range of Slovakia measuring 1,247 m (4,091.2 ft). It has two very rugged summits with an excellent view over the Turiec Valley and the opposite Tlstá Mountain.

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Martin, Slovakia City in Slovakia

Martin is a city in northern Slovakia, situated on the Turiec river, between the Malá Fatra and Veľká Fatra mountains, near the city of Žilina. The population numbers approximately 54,000, which makes it the ninth-largest city in Slovakia. It is the center of the Turiec region and the District of Martin.

Žilina Region Region in Slovakia

The Žilina Region is one of the eight Slovak administrative regions and consists of 11 districts (okresy) and 315 municipalities, from which 18 have a town status. The region was established in 1923, however, in its present borders exists from 1996. It is a more industrial region with several large towns. Žilina is the region administrative center and there is a strong cultural environment in Martin.

Western Tatras mountain range in Europe

The Western Tatras are mountains in the Tatras, part of the Carpathian Mountains, located on the Polish-Slovak borders. The mountains border the High Tatras in the east, Podtatranská kotlina in the south, Choč Mountains in the west and Rów Podtatrzański in the north. The main ridge is 37 kilometers long and the mountain range contains 31 two-thousanders.

Fatra is the old or imprecise name of two mountain ranges in Slovakia:

Veľká Fatra mountain range in Slovakia

Veľká Fatra is a mountain range in the Western Carpathians in Slovakia. The Veľká Fatra lie to the southeast of the better known Malá (Lesser) Fatra mountains and are less developed, as well as being lower.

Malá Fatra mountain range in Slovakia

Malá Fatra is a mountain range in the Western Carpathians in the north-west of Central Slovakia. In the geomorphological system, it is a part of the Fatra-Tatra Area.

The Harmanec Tunnel is a railway tunnel on the Banská Bystrica - Dolná Štubňa track. It is 4,698 m (15,413 ft) long and it is the longest railway tunnel in Slovakia. It was built from 1936 to 1940.

Košťany nad Turcom Village in Slovakia

Košťany nad Turcom, is a village and municipality in Martin District, in Turiec territory, and in Žilina Region of northern Slovakia.

Ostredok mountain in Slovakia

Ostredok is the highest hill of the Great Fatra, at the same time in the National Park Veľká Fatra. It lies in the main ridge of the mountain. It has two peaks, the main southern and a few meters lower north. The peaks are luminous, providing an undisturbed circular view. The slopes of Ostredok are smoothly modeled, steep, in winter there is a danger of avalanche dropping.

Veľká Fatra National Park national park

Veľká Fatra National Park is a National Park in Slovakia. Most of it lies in the southern part of the Žilina Region and a small part in the northern part of Banská Bystrica Region. The national park and its protective zone comprise most of the Greater Fatra Range which belongs to the Outer Western Carpathians.

Kremnica Mountains mountain range in Slovakia

The Kremnica Mountains are a volcanic mountain range in central Slovakia. They are part of the Western Carpathians and the Slovenské stredohorie Mts.

Rakytov mountain

Rakytov is a mountain in the Liptov Ridge of the Greater Fatra Range in Slovakia measuring 1,567 m (5,141.1 ft). It has a regular pyramidal shape; the top of the mountain is deforested, in places with secondary Mountain Pine.

Borišov mountain in Slovakia

Borišov is a mountain in the Greater Fatra Range in Slovakia measuring 1,508.5 m (4,949.1 ft). Its summit is deforested, covered in grass. On the southern side there is one of the largest avalanche slopes in Slovakia. The Borišov National Nature Reserve protects a well-preserved primeval mountain forest on the northern side of the mountain.

Ploská mountain in Slovakia, Velká Fatra

Ploská is a mountain in the Hôlna Fatra part of the Greater Fatra Range in Slovakia measuring 1,532.1 metres (5,026.6 ft). It lies on the main ridge, to South it continues to Ostredok and Krížna mountains, to the North it divides into the lower western Turiec Ridge and higher eastern Liptov Ridge. It is unique by its large flat grass covered summit, the slopes are dangerous in winter because of frequent avalanches which have claimed many lives.

Harmanecká Cave cave in Slovakia

Harmanecká Cave or Harmanec Cave is a stalactite cave in Central Slovakia. It is located on the northern side of the Kotolnica massif in the Staré Hory and Kremnica mountain ranges and south of the Veľká Fatra mountains. The closest villages are Harmanec and Dolný Harmanec; Banská Bystrica is around 16 km south east of the cave. It is formed from Middle Triassic dark-grey Gutenstein limestone with an estimated age of 220 million years. The entrance to the cave is situated at an altitude of 821 m and 260 m above the bottom of the Harmanec valley.

Staré Hory Mountains

The Staré Hory Mountains is a small mountain range in Central Slovakia, near the town of Banská Bystrica. It is a part of the Low Tatra, which is part of the Fatra-Tatra Area and the Inner Western Carpathians. The mountain range is named after the village of Staré Hory.

Drieňok mountain in Slovakia

Drieňok is a mountain in the Greater Fatra Range of Slovakia measuring 1,268 m (4,160 ft). The typical pyramidal shape of the mountain, which lies on the edge of the range, steeply rises over the Turiec valley and is easily recognizable from any direction. Under the summit there is an emblematic dead and dry tree.

Fatra-Tatra Area

The Fatra-Tatra Area or the Tatra-Fatra Belt of core mountains is a part of the Inner Western Carpathians, a subprovince of the Western Carpathians. Most of the area lies in Slovakia with small parts reaching into Austria and Poland. The highest summit of the whole Carpathians, the Gerlachovský štít at 2,655 m (8,711 ft), lies in the High Tatras range which belongs to this area.


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