To Aroma Tis Amartias

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To Aroma Tis Amartias
Το Άρωμα της Αμαρτίας
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 1996 (1996-05)
Genre Contemporary laïka
Language Greek
Label Sony Music Greece/Columbia
Producer Nikos Karvelas
Nikos Karvelas chronology
25 Ores
To Aroma Tis Amartias
Το Άρωμα της Αμαρτίας

O Pio Eftihismenos Anthropos Pano Sti Gi
Singles from To Aroma Tis Amartias
  1. "Vre Kouto (feat. Anna Vissi)"
    Released: 1996
  2. "To Aroma Tis Amartias"
    Released: 1996
  3. "To Krevvati"
    Released: 1996

To Aroma Tis Amartias (Greek: Το Άρωμα της Αμαρτίας; English: The scent of sin) is the 12th studio album by Greek singer-songwriter and record producer Nikos Karvelas, released by Sony Music Greece in May 1996. The album was certified platinum with sales of 40,000 copies.

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English language West Germanic language

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Nikos Karvelas Greek singer

Nikos Karvelas is a Greek songwriter, producer, and singer. He has sold millions of records as a producer and is most recognizable for his three-decade-long collaboration with Anna Vissi, while some of his other well-known collaborations include Tolis Voskopoulos and Sakis Rouvas. Karvelas has released multiple personal studio albums that have had mild to big success. In 2012, Alpha TV ranked Karvelas as the 13th top-certified composer in Greece in the phonographic era.

Track listing

1."Se Skeftome" (I am thinking of you)Nikos KarvelasNikos Karvelas3:55
2."Ola Ise" (You are everything)Nikos KarvelasNikos Karvelas3:28
3."Tipota Horis Esena" (Nothing without you)Nikos KarvelasNikos Karvelas4:28
4."Vre Kouto (feat. Anna Vissi)" (Hey silly)Nikos KarvelasNikos Karvelas3:49
5."To Aroma Tis Amartias" (The scent of sin)Nikos KarvelasNikos Karvelas3:56
6."To Krevvati" (The bed)Nikos KarvelasNikos Karvelas3:33
7."Lipisou Me (Ela Ela)" (Feel sorry for me (Come come))Nikos KarvelasNikos Karvelas3:56
8."Kaigome" (I am burning)Nikos KarvelasNikos Karvelas4:36
9."Ki Esy Tha Me Theleis" (And even you will want me)Nikos KarvelasNikos Karvelas3:24
10."Zoologikos Kipos" (Zoo)Nikos KarvelasNikos Karvelas3:33
11."Epilogos" (Selection)Nikos KarvelasNikos Karvelas0:59

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ONE was a boy band that first appeared in 1999, recognized as both Greece and Cyprus's very first boy band. The band was formed by leading Cypriot-Greek composer Giorgos Theofanous and Minos EMI A&R Manager Vangelis Yannopoulos. Constantinos Christoforou and Phiippos Constantinos were on board quite early, chosen by Giorgos Theofanous. The next three members were picked up after a selective audition that took place in legendary Athenian Sierra Studio. The selecting committee consisted of Natalia Germanou, Posidonas Yannopoulos, Andreas Kouris, Themis Georgandas, Theofanous and Yannopoulos. Demetres Koutsavlakis, Argyris Nastopoulos and Panos Tserpes were retained among 179 candidates. Christoforou followed a solo career in 2003, and was replaced by another Cypriot singer, Demos Beke. In 2005 the band formally disbanded. In their 6-year existence they enjoyed much commercial success and earned platinum certifications, as well as having staged memorable performances with successful Greek singers at music halls and in concerts.

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Artemios "Demis" Ventouris-Roussos was an Egyptian-born Greek vocalist and performer who had an internationally acclaimed career, as a single recording artist and bandleader. As a band member he is best remembered for his work in the progressive rock music act Aphrodite's Child, but as a vocal soloist, his repertoire included hit songs like "Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye, "From Souvenirs to Souvenirs and "Forever and Ever".

Anna Vissi Cypriot recording artist and actress

Anna Vissi, also known as Anna Vishy, is a Greek Cypriot singer, songwriter, actress, television presenter, radio personality, and businesswoman. She studied music at conservatories and performed locally before moving to the professional scene in Athens, in 1973, where she signed with Minos and simultaneously collaborated with other musical artists and released promotional singles of her own while studying at the University of Athens.

Despina Vandi Greek singer

Despina Vandi, born as Despina Malea on 22 July 1969, is a Greek singer. Born in Tübingen near Stuttgart, Germany, Vandi's family returned to Kavala, Greece when she was six years old.

Constantinos Christoforou is a Cypriot singer. He represented Cyprus in Eurovision Song Contest as a solo singer with "Mono Yia Mas" (1996) and "Ela Ela " (2005) and as part of the boy band formation One with "Gimme" (2002).

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Elena "Helena" Paparizou, usually referred to abroad as Helena Paparizou, is a Swedish-Greek singer, songwriter and television personality. Born and raised in Sweden to Greek parents, she enrolled in various arts schools before launching a career in Sweden in 1999 as a member of the laïko and Eurodance duo Antique, who participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 and afterwards became popular in Greece.

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Giorgos Alkaios is a Greek recording artist. His career began in 1989 after appearing on a Greek reality show. Following a brief period of stage acting, Alkaios dedicated himself to music. His first single, "Ti Ti", made him popular in Greece. His distinctive musical style fuses Greek and Oriental elements with modern pop music. To date he has been certified with 5 platinum and 9 gold albums. Alkaios represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with the song "OPA", and placed 8th in the Final.

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Michalis Hatzigiannis Cypriot musician

Mihalis Hatzigiannis is a popular Cypriot recording artist. From 2000 to 2009, Hatzigiannis has received over 30 certifications in Greece alone, making him one of the most successful artists of the decade. Hatzigiannis is also known for representing Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998. In 2010, Hatzigiannis released his first English language album in Europe. In 2010, Forbes listed Hatzigiannis as the 22nd most powerful and influential celebrity in Greece and fifth highest ranked singer.

Sakis Rouvas Greek recording artist

Anastasios "Sakis" Rouvas, known mononymously as Sakis, is a Greek recording artist; model; film and television actor; businessman and former pole vaulter. Born in Corfu, he won medals on the national athletics team during the 1980s. Rouvas began a musical career in 1991 as one of Greece's first dance-pop performers. His tenor vocals, complex choreography, costumes, and technological advancements have been credited with transforming music videos and live performances. Rouvas is noted for avoiding domestic music, attaining success for a non-laïko or -éntekhno artist, and for breaking cultural, social, artistic, and generational barriers in Greece and Cyprus.

IFPI Greece Representative of the Greek music industry

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry Greece, or simply IFPI Greece, is the Greek branch of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and is the official charts provider and recording sales certification body for Greece. The association publishes a Top-75 combined repertoire albums sales chart is compiled. The charts is published by IFPI Greece and sponsored by Cyta Hellas.

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