To Be Loved (film)

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To Be Loved
To Be Loved (film).jpg
Directed by Jacques Tourneur
Written by
Produced by Jacques Natanson
Cinematography Georges Raulet
Edited byClaude Ibéria
Music by Georges Célérier
Via Films
Distributed by Pathé Consortium Cinéma
Release date
27 October 1933
Running time
75 minutes

To Be Loved (French: Pour être aimé) is a 1933 French comedy film directed by Jacques Tourneur and starring Pierre Richard-Willm, Suzy Vernon and Colette Darfeuil. [1]


The film's sets were designed by the art director Pierre Schild.


In order to be loved for himself rather than his money, a young millionaire gets a job working as a barman.


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