To Get to Heaven, First You Have to Die

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To Get to Heaven, First You Have to Die
To Get to Heaven, First You Have to Die VideoCover.jpeg
Directed by Jamshed Usmonov
Written by Jamshed Usmonov
Produced by Denis Carot
Starring Khurshed Golibekov
Cinematography Pascal Lagriffoul
Edited by Jacques Comets
Music by Pierre Aviat
Distributed by Elzévir Films, Rézo Films
Release date
4 October 2006
Running time
95 minutes
Languages Tajik, Russian

To Get to Heaven, First You Have to Die (Russian : Чтобы Добраться до Небес Сначала, Вы должны Умереть; Tajik : Биҳишт фақат барои мурдагон, Bihisht faqat baroi murdagon; Persian : بهشت فقط برای مردگان) is a 2006 Tajik film directed by Jamshed Usmonov.



Kamal, a young man, is trapped into a loveless marriage in a rural village. He moves to a big city to seek his fortune and falls in love with Vera, a beautiful woman who, alas, is married. However, having got involved with organised crime, he finds that her husband is one of the mafiosi for whom he works. He uses this to his advantage, seeing Vera more and more often.



The film débuted at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival on 23 May. [1] It was released properly in France on 4 October of the same year, as well as being released in Poland, Estonia, Serbia, Mexico, Argentina and Hong Kong.

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