To Hell with Good Intentions

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Ivan Illich austrian philosopher and theologist

Ivan Illich was a Croatian-Austrian philosopher, Roman Catholic priest, and critic of the institutions of modern Western culture, who addressed contemporary practices in education, medicine, work, energy use, transportation, and economic development. The book that brought Ivan Illich to public attention was Deschooling Society published in 1971. It was a groundbreaking critique of compulsory mass education. He argued that the oppressive structure of the school system could not be reformed but must be dismantled in order to free humanity from the crippling effects of lifelong institutionalization.

<i>Mclusky Do Dallas</i> album by Mclusky

Mclusky Do Dallas is the second studio album by Welsh indie rock band Mclusky, released on 1 April 2002 by Too Pure.

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Too Pure record label

Too Pure was a London-based independent record label formed in 1990 by Richard Roberts and Paul Cox. The label gained prominence after the release of PJ Harvey's debut album Dry in 1992, and subsequently found further success in the late 1990s and early 2000s with albums by indie rock artists such as Mclusky and Electrelane. The label was closed in 2008.

Huw Stephens is a Welsh radio presenter currently broadcasting shows on BBC Radio 1 and on BBC Radio Cymru.

<i>The Difference Between Me and You Is That Im Not on Fire</i> album by Mclusky

The Difference Between Me and You Is that I'm Not on Fire is the third and final album from Welsh indie rock band Mclusky. It was released to positive reviews by Too Pure in 2004. The two singles to be released from this album were "That Man Will Not Hang" and "She Will Only Bring You Happiness", though it was later revealed in the liner notes of Mcluskyism that "Without MSG I Am Nothing" had been intended for single release, but the band's implosion prevented this from happening.

Shooting at Unarmed Men was the music project of former mclusky member Jon Chapple (vocals/guitar), Steve Morgan (drums), and Big Joan member Simon Jarvis (bass). The original bassist for the band's formal incarnation was King Alexander member Simon Alexander (bass/vocals), although the band had existed as a sporadic joke since circa 1999. Alexander also co-wrote the mclusky song "Chases", from the mclusky Do Dallas album.

Jarcrew was a five-piece dance-punk band from Ammanford, Wales. They were a relatively well known underground band for approximately five years between 2000 and their early 2005 split. They played a bizarre mixture of electronica/house and prog-rock/punk/funk that baffled audiences up and down the UK. Since disbanding, several Jarcrew off-shoots have emerged, most notably Future of the Left, a band that contained Jarcrew frontman Kelson alongside ex-mclusky members Andrew Falkous and Jack Egglestone. In 2014, the band reformed for a charity fundraiser and have since made a number of other appearances.

<i>Mcluskyism</i> compilation album by Mclusky

Mcluskyism is the final release by Welsh rock band Mclusky. A singles and rarities package, it is released in two formats, a one disc singles only package, and a three disc format. On April 18, 2015 it was released as a one disc vinyl edition that was limited to 2000 pressings.

My Pain and Sadness is More Sad and Painful Than Yours is the first album by Welsh rock band mclusky. It was initially released on Fuzzbox in 2000 and re-released by Too Pure in 2003. Andy Falkous is recorded as saying that the album started out as a collection of demos, which were later turned into album form. The album was predated by two singles, "Joy" and "Rice is Nice".

Future of the Left Welsh band

Future of the Left are a Welsh alternative rock band based in Cardiff. The group consists of former Mclusky members Andrew Falkous and Jack Egglestone (drums) and former Million Dead bassist Julia Ruzicka.

Mercury Tilt Switch was a rock band from Dundee, Scotland. They formed at the city's university, going through various line-up changes before settling on their current roster in 2001.

"Keep it to Yourself" is the ninth single by Surrey-based rock band Reuben, and the third single taken from their second album, Very Fast Very Dangerous. It was released in September 2005, one week ahead of the album. The single was available on three formats: CD, 7" vinyl and a limited edition yellow vinyl version, each released with different b-sides. Like previous single 'A Kick In The Mouth', it received good reviews in the press but little airplay on Radio and TV. Although the single sold more copies than its predecessor in its first week, it climbed to only #62 in the UK charts. However, on 3 September 2006 it climbed to #35 in BBC Radio 1's Top 40 Rock Singles chart.

Eugene Francis Jnr British singer

Eugene Francis Jnr is a British musician, formerly of the alternative rock bands The Fantastic Super Foofs, Kaptain Black and Dirty Perfect

<i>Singles 2001–2005</i> compilation album by Biffy Clyro

Singles 2001–2005 is a compilation album by Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro, released 7 July 2008. The album features singles from the band's time with former label, Beggars Banquet.

Andrew Falkous musician

Andrew "Falco" Falkous is an English musician best known for being the founding member/frontman for seminal Cardiff-based punk rock outfit Mclusky, current lead singer/guitarist of the band Future of the Left and the sole member of Christian Fitness.

Rice Is Nice is an independent record label based in Sydney, Australia that takes its name from Welsh post-hardcore band Mclusky's 2000 single "Rice Is Nice". The label aims to promote local musicians that are unique and whose music will have longevity, rather than based on popularity.