To Kill a Child (1953 film)

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To Kill a Child
Att döda ett barn
Directed by Gösta Werner
Written by Stig Dagerman
Based onAtt döda ett barn
by Stig Dagerman
StarringKarl-Erik Forsgårdh
Marie-Anne Condé
Georg Årlin
Sissi Kaiser
Kerstin Thörn
Sten Larsson
Narrated byGunnar Sjöberg
CinematographySten Dahlgren
Edited byGösta Werner
Music byRudolf Nelson
Walter Joseph
Minerva Film AB
Release date
  • August 27, 1953 (1953-08-27)(Sweden)
Running time
9 minutes
Language Swedish

To Kill a Child (Swedish: Att döda ett barn) is a Swedish short film from 1953 that was based on the novella by Stig Dagerman with the same name. [1] The film shows how a man hits a child with his car.


The film was made in the summer of 1952 in Haväng, Skåne, and was first screened on 31 October 1952 in Uppsala Studenternas Filmstudio, but did not officially premiere until 27 August 1953. The film was allowed from 15 years of age and up. [2]



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