To Kill a Child (2003 film)

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To Kill a Child
To Kill a Child (2003).jpg
Att döda ett barn
Directed by Alexander Skarsgård
Björne Larson
Written byAlexander Skarsgård
Björne Larson
Based on To Kill a Child
by Stig Dagerman
Produced byAnna Knochenhauer
StarringValter Skarsgård
Christer Fjellström
Evalena Ljung Kjellberg
Jonas Sjöqvist
Sofia Zouagui
Narrated by Stellan Skarsgård
CinematographyJohn Christian Rosenlund
Edited byKristin Grundström
Music byMario Adamson
Björne Larson AB
Distributed byBjörne Larson Film
Film i Väst
Release dates
Running time
8 minutes
Countries Finland

To Kill a Child (Swedish: Att döda ett barn) is a 2003 Swedish-Finnish short drama film written and directed by Alexander Skarsgård and Björne Larson, and based on Stig Dagerman's novella Att döda ett barn . [1]



A man is on his way to the ocean. A child is running through a backyard. In four minutes their fates will intertwine. One life will be changed forever whilst the other's flame will burn out.

About the film

The film premiered on 7 February 2003 and has also been shown on Swedish Television. [2]



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