To Kill with Intrigue

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To Kill With Intrigue
To Kill With Intrigue.jpg
Original film poster
Directed by Lo Wei
Written by Gu Long
Produced by Lo Wei
Starring Jackie Chan
Hsu Feng
Jeong Hee
George Wang
Chu Feng
Music byFrankie Chan
Distributed by Lo Wei Motion Picture Company
Release dates
22 July 1977 (Hong Kong)
24 September 1977 (South Korea) [1]
Running time
106 minutes
Countries Hong Kong
South Korea
Languages Mandarin
Box office US$254,826 (est.)

To Kill with Intrigue (Chinese :劍花煙雨江南, Korean : 신당산대형) is a 1977 historical action-drama film directed by Lo Wei. A joint Hong Kong and South Korean co-production with martial arts, revenge and romance film elements, [1] [2] the film stars Hong Kong action movie star Jackie Chan with Taiwanese actress Hsu Feng and South Korean actress Jeong Hee. [1] The movie was filmed in South Korea.



Ding Can-ren (Hsu Feng) leads a gang known as the Killer Bees on a revenge mission to kill Lei Shao-feng (Jackie Chan) and his family. However, she kills everyone but Lei Shao-feng and falls in love with him.



Jackie mentions, in his book I Am Jackie Chan , how much of the plot is confusing, and he was sure that even the director, Lo Wei, didn't even know what was going on. He has also gone on to express that tensions between himself and the director along with the generally cold weather at the time of filming made for a frustrating experience.[ citation needed ]

Box office

In Hong Kong, the film grossed HK$292,664.90 [3] ( US$62,804). [4] In South Korea, it sold 103,265 tickets in Seoul, [1] equivalent to an estimated gross revenue of approximately 92,938,500 [5] (US$192,022). [6] This adds up to a total estimated gross of approximately US$254,826 in Hong Kong and Seoul, equivalent to US$1.31 million adjusted for inflation.


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