To My Bestfriend

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"To My Bestfriend"
To My Bestfriend Album Cover.jpg
Single by Boyfriend
ReleasedMay 26, 2016 (2016-05-26)
Genre K-pop
Label Starship Entertainment
Boyfriend singles chronology
"'Boyfriend in Wonderland'"
"To My Bestfriend"

"To My Bestfriend" (Korean 약속할게) is the second digital single released by South Korean boy band Boyfriend. The single is a special gift to fans for the group's fifth anniversary. It was released May 26, 2016. [1]


Track listing

1."약속할게 (To My Bestfriend)"3:41

Music videos

YearSongLengthNotesOfficial MV on YouTube
2013"약속할게 (To My Bestfriend)"3:42

Release history

South KoreaMay 26, 2016 Digital download Starship Entertainment
LOEN Entertainment

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