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To Pontiki (Greek : Το Ποντίκι, "The Mouse") is a Greek weekly newspaper published by Antonis Delatolas. It is mainly satirical/political. Its policy direction is on the centre-left.

It was founded by Costas Papaioannou, who died on 4 March 2022. [1]

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Hymn to Liberty 1823 poem that serves as the national anthem of Greece and Cyprus

The "Hymn to Liberty", or "Hymn to Freedom", is a poem written by Dionysios Solomos in 1823 that consists of 158 stanzas and is used as the national anthem of Greece and Cyprus. It was set to music by Nikolaos Chalikiopoulos Mantzaros in 1865 and is the longest national anthem in the world by length of text. It officially became the national anthem of Greece in 1865 and Cyprus in 1966.

PAOK FC Greek association football club

PAOK FC, commonly known as PAOK Thessaloniki or simply PAOK, is a Greek professional football club based in Thessaloniki, Macedonia. PAOK are one of the top domestic clubs, the most widely supported in Northern Greece and with the 3rd largest fanbase in the country, according to the latest polls and researches. A research by Marca in August 2018, reported that PAOK are the most popular Greek football team on social media.

Thessaloniki Metro A metro system in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in Greece have evolved significantly since the early 21st century, establishing it as one of the most liberal countries in Southern Europe. Discrimination has become increasingly less common in the country as of late, although LGBT people in Greece may still face social challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Despite this, Greek public opinion on homosexuality is generally regarded as culturally liberal, with same-sex unions being legally recognised since 2015.

Vasilis Papageorgopoulos is a retired Greek sprinter, former mayor of Thessaloniki and convicted felon. He won two medals at the European Indoor Championships as well as the bronze medal in the 100 metres at the 1971 European Championships in Athletics. He was named the 1971 Greek Athlete of the Year.

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<i>Ethnos</i> (newspaper) Greek newspaper

Ethnos is the name of a Greek weekly newspaper first published in 1913.

Anastasios "Tasos" Douvikas is a Greek professional footballer who plays as a forward for Eredivisie club Utrecht and the Greece national team.

In the run-up to the next Greek legislative election, various organizations carry out opinion polling to gauge voting intention in Greece during the term of the 18th Hellenic Parliament. Results of such polls are displayed in this article. The date range for these opinion polls is from the previous legislative election, to the present day.

The 2021–22 Super League 2, known as Super League 2 betsson for sponsorship reasons, is the third season of the Super League 2, the second-tier Greek professional league for association football clubs, since the restructuring of the Greek football league system.

The 2021–22 season is the 97th season in existence of Olympiacos and the club's 63rd consecutive season in the top flight of Greek football. In addition to the Greek Super League, Olympiacos are participating in this season's Greek Cup, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. The season covers the period from July 2021 to late May 2022.

The 2021-22 Gamma Ethniki is the 39th season since the official establishment of the championship in 1983, and the first after the reestablishment as the 3rd tier of the Greek Football. It will start on 23 October 2021. After the finish of the seven groups, the champion of each group will qualify for a playoff round, to determine which four teams will be promoted to 2022–23 Super League 2.

Andromache Dimitropoulou, known professionally as Andromache and sometimes Andromachi, is a Greek-German singer.

The 2004 Greek Cup Final was the 60th final of the Greek Cup. The match took place on 8 May 2004 at Nea Smyrni Stadium. The contesting teams were Panathinaikos and Olympiacos. It was Panathinaikos' twenty fifth Greek Cup Final in their 96-year history and Olympiacos' thirtieth Greek Cup Final in their 79 years of existence. The final was originally scheduled to take place at the Pampeloponnisiako Stadium in Patras, but at the last minute the approval for its performance was not given after the refusal of the Achaia Police Department, for fear of provoking incidents by the fans of both teams and even a few months before the Olympic Games, and Patras was among the Olympic cities. Finally, following recommendations from the Minister of Public Order, George Voulgarakis, that the final should be held within the Attica Basin for the best possible policing, it was decided to take place at the Nea Smyrni Stadium, as the Olympic Stadium, due to upcoming games, was in the final phase of its reconstruction. Initially, the mayor of Nea Smyrni and president of the amateur Panionios, George Koutelakis, expressed his opposition and refusal to concede the stadium and for security reasons the number of tickets available for sale was limited.

The 2022–23 season will be the 98th season in existence of Olympiacos and the club's 64th consecutive season in the top flight of Greek football. In addition to the Greek Super League, Olympiacos are participating in this season's Greek Cup, UEFA Champions League. The season covers the period from June 2022 to late May 2023.


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