To Proino

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To Proino
Also known asProino ANT1
Genre Talk show
Directed byCostas Tripilas
Presented by Giorgos Liagkas
Fay Skorda
Country of origin Greece
Original languageGreek
No. of seasons10
Production locationsAthens, Greece
Running time135-150 minutes
Original release
Network ANT1
Release14 October 2013 (2013-10-14) 

To Proino (English: The Morning; Greek: Το Πρωϊνό) (or simply Proino) is a Greek syndicated morning talk show hosted by Giorgos Liagkas. Currently in its 10th season, the show has aired on ANT1 as part of the network's daytime programming block since October 14, 2013, is broadcast live every weekday from 09:50 am to 13:00 pm. The programme features a variety of news, as well as news, tabloids, showbiz, lifestyle, home and garden, food, tech, astrology, competitions and live interviews.


The show was originally presented by husband and wife duo Giorgos Liagkas and Fay Skorda for the first three seasons of the show, after other three years of hosting the same type of show named Proino Mou (My Morning) on Mega Channel. In July 2016 Liagkas decided to quit the show, as they decided of breaking up as a couple in real life. From October 3, 2016, Fay Skorda started hosting the sole as a sole hostess. On January 25, 2021, Giorgos Liagkas entered the show again making an ex-husband and wife duo, as they used to do for six years on ANT1 and Mega Channel. On July 8, 2022, Fay Skorda quited the show, after nine years, completing her contract with ANT1.



On August 1, 2013 ANT1 television network announced that they signed a big contract with the famous husband and wife hosting duo Giorgos Liagkas and Fay Skorda who since then they were hosting the high rated morning television talk show Proino Mou (My Morning)on Mega Channel for 3 whole years from 2010 to 2013. [1] After the announcement of the contract it announced that they are going to continue in the same format at the same slot on morning entertainment morning television.

The first episode aired on October 14, 2013. On their new team the co-hostess and journalist Sasa Stamati followed them, from the previous, to their new show on ANT1. The three new panelists and co-hosts were the singer Girgos Lianos, the host and radio producer Themis Georgantas and the host and dancer Laura Narjes. The presenting of the cooking culumn was took over by the Greek chef Argiro Barbarigou, who was the hostess of the cooking column of the morning slot of ANT1 since 2009 to the previous morning shows of the network. The astrology hostess was Litsa Patera, who started presenting the column since January 1, 1990 the first day the television network started working, on all the shows were preceded.

On season 2, 2014–2015, Lianos and Larjes quited the show with the host Mary Synatsaki, the journalist Aris Kavatzikis and the singer Kostas Doxas entering the show as co-hosts of Liagkas and Skorda. On season 3, 2015–2016, the hostess Maria Iliaki replaced Synatsaki after the second took over a show on the afternoon slot of the network.

On June 24, 2016, Giorgos Liagkas appeared on the show for the last time as one of the two hosts. Their break-up in real life with Fay Skorda, who had to be announced in November of the same year, made him to quit the show.


On October 3, 2016, Fay Skorda welcomed the audience on the fourth season of the show as a sole hostess. On the fourth season next to Skorda the co-hostesses were Themis Georgantas and Sasa Stamati, from the previous seasons, with the journalists Stefanos Konstantinidis, Kostas Tsouros, Jenny Melita and the model Mado Gasteratou entering the show. On July 14, 2017, on the last episode of the season, Sasa Stamati and the chef Argiro Barbarigou announced that they quit the show after 4 years.

On season 5, 2017–2018, the chef Vasilis Kallidis took over the cooking column and Kleopatra Patlaki with Aris Kavatzikis entered the show as panelists. This season was the last for the home column with Spyros Soulis after years. On seasons 6 and 7, the panelists next to Skorda were the host Dimitris Ougarezos and the journalists Aris Kavatzikis and Afroditi Grammeli with the cooking column host remaining the same. On season 8, 2020–2021, Skorda continied the show with Ougarezos adding the singer Koni Metaxa and the actor Dimitris Mothonaios and Petros Syrigos became the new cooking host. The start of this season of the show was characterized unsuccessful with really low ratings.

In early 2021 Fay Skorda and ANT1 decided to change the show radically to become again more competitive to the audience.


On January 11, 2021 ANT1 announced that Giorgos Liagkas is going to enter the show again after 4,5 years as the second host. [2] On January 25 Skorda and Liagkas became again a television hosting duo. Their panelist team changed with only Dimitris Ougarezos remaining the show and the journalists Tasos Tergiakis and Nancy Paradeisanou entering the show. On season 9, 2021–2022, Ougarezos and Paradeisanou quited the show and journalist Fotini Petrogianni and the reality personality George Asimakopoulos entered the panel of the show. On July 8, 2022, on the last day of the season, Fay Skorda announced that she leaves the show after 9 years signing for a similar show with the television network Skai TV.


On September 5, 2022, Liagkas welcomed the audience on the tenth season as the host of the show. The model and hostess Doukissa Nomikou took over to be her new main co-hostess of To Proino. After three weeks Nomikou quited the show because of backstage problems with the team. On this season the show focused mainly on social current affairs news, tabloids and scaldals and less on the entertainment news and showbiz. Moreover Argiro Barbarigou entered the show again as the cooking hostess after 6 years out of it. In November the actress Maria Korinthiou took over as the main co-hostess of Liagkas.



Fay Skorda
Giorgos Liagkas

Special hosts


Themis Georgantas2013-2018
Sasa Stamati2013-2017
Giorgos Lianos2013-2014
Laura Narjes2013-2014
Kostas Doxas2014
Mary Synatsaki2014-2015
Aris Kavatzikis2014–2016, 2017-2020
Maria Iliaki2015-2016
Kostas Tsouros2016-2018
Stefanos Konstantinidis2016-2017
Mado Gasteratou2016-2017
Nikos Partsolis2016-2022
Kleopatra Partali2017-2018
Dimitris Ougarezos2018-2021
Nancy Paradeisanou2019-2021
Konnie Metaxa2020-2021
Dimitris Mothonaios2020-2021
George Asimakopoulos2021
Tasos Tergiakis2021–present
Fotini Petrogianni2021–present
Doukissa Nomikou 2022
Aria Kalyva2022–present
Maria Korinthiou2022–present


Litsa Patera2013–present


Argyro Barbarigou2013–2017, 2022–present
Vasilis Kallidis2017-2020
Petros Syrigos2020-2022

Home and Design

Spyros Soulis2013-2018

Running slot

10:00 am – 12:50 pmOctober 14, 2013 - March 9, 2017
10:00 am – 13:00 pmMarch 10, 2017 - January 22, 2021
09:50 am – 13:00 pmJanuary 25, 2021 – present

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