To the Age of Innocence

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To The Age of Innocence
Greatest hits album by
Released30 August 2013 (2013-08-30)
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label Linfair Records
Claire Kuo chronology
Keep Loving

To The Age of Innocence

Until We Meet


To The Age of Innocence (simplified Chinese :致纯静; traditional Chinese :致純靜) is the first greatest hits album by Claire Kuo. It was released on 30 August 2013 by Linfair Records. [1] [2]

Track listing

Disc one: To Pure Love
No.TitlePinyin titleLength
1."Pride and Prejudice" (傲慢與偏見)Ao Man Yu Pian Jian3:50
2."Little Voice" (小聲音)Xiao Sheng Yin4:37
3."Know" (知道)Zhi Dao3:57
4."The Next Dawn" (下一個天亮)Xia Yi Ge Tian Liang4:26
5."Chat" (聊天)Liao Tian4:02
6."Without Medication" (不藥而癒)Bu Yao Er Yu4:30
7."Simple" (簡單)Jian Dan3:58
8."Every Day Is Different" (每一天都不同)Mei Yi Tian Dou Bu Tong3:59
9."Airliner To The Future" (往未來飛的客機)Wang Wei Lai Fei De Ke Ji4:28
10."Dowry" (嫁妝)Jia Zhuang3:46
11."Hundred Percent" (百分百)Bai Fen Bai4:15
12."Singing in The Trees" (在樹上唱歌)Zai Shu Shang Chang Ge3:59
13."Soft" (軟綿綿)Ruan Mian Mian3:40
14."A Big Joke" (大玩笑)Da Wan Xiao3:27
15."Encore LaLa" 2:59
16."To The Age Of Innocence" (致純靜 (純愛金曲))Zhi Chun Jing04:20
Disc two: To Stories
No.TitlePinyin titleLength
1."I Am in Your Eyes" (你眼中的我)Ni Yan Zhong De Wo4:10
2."When Would You Come Again" (何日君再來)He Ri Jun Zai Lai3:17
3."I Don't Want To Forget You" (我不想忘記你)Wo Bu Xiang Wang Ji Ni4:05
4."Heart Wall" (心牆)Xin Qiang3:47
5."Another She" (陪著我的時候想著她)Pei Zhe Wo De Shi Hou Xiang Zhe Ta4:27
6."Shining Single Life" (單身美好)Dan Shen Mei Hao4:09
7."Sparrow" (麻雀)Ma Que4:31
8."Understand" (明白)Ming Bai4:43
9."Leave" (離開)Li Kai4:00
10."We Have Loved" (總算我們也愛過)Zong Suan Wo Men Ye Ai Guo3:41
11."Keep Loving" (我們都能幸福著)Wo Men Dou Neng Xing Fu Zhe4:08
12."Your Fragrance" (你的香氣)Ni De Xiang Qi4:30
13."Leave" 4:14
14."Just To See You Smile" (擁抱你的微笑)Yong Bao Ni De Wei Xiao3:59
15."A Gentle" (有溫柔)You Wen Rou4:23

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