To the Last Day

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To the Last Day
이 생명 다하도록
Revised Romanization I Saengmyeong Dahadorok
McCune–Reischauer I Saengmyŏng Dahatorok
Directed by Shin Sang-ok
Written byWoon Sa Han
Hee-jae Lim
Produced byShin Sang-ok
Starring Choi Eun-hee
CinematographyHae-jun Jeong
Edited byYeong-hie Kim
Release date
  • 1 July 1960 (1960-07-01)
CountrySouth Korea

To the Last Day (Korean : 이 생명 다하도록 Saengmyeong Dahadorok) is a 1960 South Korean drama film directed by Shin Sang-ok. It was entered into the 12th Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Silver Bear Extraordinary Jury Prize. [1]



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