To the Last Man (2008 film)

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To the Last Man
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DVD cover
Directed by
Written byTony Dimarco
Produced byChris Ward
Music byJ.D. Slater
Distributed by Raging Stallion
Release date
Running time
169 minutes
CountryUnited States

To the Last Man is a gay pornographic film directed by Chris Ward, Ben Leon and Tony Dimarco, and produced by Raging Stallion Studios. It was released in November 2008.

An 'epic' western film, it is loosely based on the 1921 novel To the Last Man: A Story of the Pleasant Valley War by Zane Grey. The film revolves around the struggle between two ranches - one with water and one without - in the American West.

The film was filmed on location at two ranches - one in Northern California and the other in a remote part of Arizona that is the actual site of the bloodiest feud in American history. The film's production budget was about US $200,000, [1] making To the Last Man one of the most expensive gay pornos produced ever, doubling the previous "most expensive porno ever," Centurions of Rome. An unusual porn film, in which all but one of the characters are killed, it has earned more awards than any film in the studio's history. [2]

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